5 most forgettable characters in GTA Vice City

GTA Vice City is still a beautiful game even today (Image via LeifEricson YouTube)
GTA Vice City is still a beautiful game even today (Image via LeifEricson YouTube)

Even after a decade, GTA Vice City is remembered by GTA players and fans. Sure, the game is old but not disremembered. Rockstar did a fantastic job in designing the neon-filled world of GTA Vice City.

It featured a big open world map with numerous new characters and several other changes. The players appreciated the characters and their portrayal in the game. But with a vast character list like GTA Vice City, players are bound to forget some characters.

5 insipid characters in GTA Vice City

1) Alberto Robina

Alberto Robina was the father of Umberto Robina, the head of Los Cabrones. He also had a cafe in Little Havana, Vice City. He can be seen at various times during the intro cutscenes for missions provided by Umberto Robina in GTA Vice City. He is ordinarily seen behind the bar.

Even after appearing in three distinct missions, Alberto is not quite remembered among the players and fans of the game.


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2) Mike

Mike is another character in GTA Vice City whom players have forgotten. He was recruited by Vercetti to join the Vercetti Gang after Tommy and Lance killed his former boss Ricardo Diaz.

Players can see him on four different occasions in Vice City, but he is mostly a minor character who was last seen when Lance sent him to plant a bomb in the Tarbush Cafe.


3) Willy

Despite having a voice-over in GTA Vice City, Willy does not appear in the game. During the Mission Publicity Tour, his voice can be heard. He did not have any character models, so players could not see his persona in GTA Vice City. GTA 5 saw Willy's comeback and players can steal his gold tooth.


4) Donald Love

Players will remember Donald Love from GTA Liberty City Stories and GTA 3. He was an important character in those games, but not so much in GTA Vice City.

He is Avery's protege and does not have any major dialogs. This might be the reason why he is not remembered by GTA Vice City fans.


5) BJ Smith

BJ Smith lacks a distinct personality, making him a forgettable character in GTA Vice City. While some characters have made fewer appearances than him, due to their traits they left a mark.

In BJ's situation, that did not happen. He appeared in two missions but mostly as an insignificant character. He sells Sunshine Autos to Tommy.


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