5 funny GTA protagonists that made players laugh

GTA San Andreas is considered one of the funniest games in the series (Image via GTA
GTA San Andreas is considered one of the funniest games in the series (Image via GTA
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While the GTA protagonists are hardened criminals, most of them have a good sense of humor the player can appreciate.

Rockstar Games loves their vulgar jokes, sexual innuendos, and crass attempts at satire. It's always worth a good chuckle or two for GTA players. However, it's the protagonists that are most likely to get a great laugh.

When all is said and done, the players are going to spend the most time with them.

Whether it's a verbal confrontation or taking part in ridiculous stunts, GTA protagonists are never without a witty comeback. It makes the gameplay experience that much better.

Video games are acceptable breaks from reality, which is why GTA mixes comedy in their tragedies.

Five hilarious GTA protagonists

#5 - Carl Johnson


Many GTA players consider San Andreas the crowning stroke of Rockstar humor. It goes beyond putting the number 69 everywhere - San Andreas is funny because the character interactions are top notch.

Carl Johnson is the perfect straight man to play off the absurdity of his situation.

Most of the time, CJ is regularly in disbelief. One example is whenever Catalina angrily confronts him, all he can ask is what he did this time. Despite his skills in shooting and driving, CJ seems to take a lot of flak from everybody. Nonetheless, he always has a funny line ready.

CJ also gets to interact with the likes of Big Smoke and Ryder, who provide memorable comic relief. Because of those two, the vast majority of funny moments in San Andreas take place in the first act of Los Santos.

Whether he fails to catch a train or not, CJ is always there for those moments.

#4 - Franklin Clinton


Franklin Clinton was an average criminal who found himself in not-so-average situations. Whether it's chasing Bigfoot or watching dogs hump each other, Franklin never has a moment of boredom. GTA 5 is a funny game, and Franklin is one of the main reasons why.

Like his counterpart CJ, Franklin benefits from a strong cast of supporting characters. His interactions with Lamar were one of the funniest moments in GTA 5.

They play off each other perfectly; Franklin is the straight man to the wild antics of Lamar, who is way over his head.

Franklin also has jokes for days. Stretch finds out the hard way when Franklin roasts him like a suckling pig. Of course, Franklin is not immune to insults himself. Lamar gave him a legendary verbal beatdown that went viral among GTA fans.

If there is a funny dialog in GTA 5, chances are Franklin is involved.

#3 - Tommy Vercetti


Ray Liotta's vocal performance as Tommy Vercetti is what cements his historical place in the GTA series. He is a wisecracking mobster who isn't afraid to insult friends and foes alike.

While Tommy never drops the f-bombs, he barely maintains his composure whenever he curses the state of Florida.

Tommy constantly deals with a colorful cast of characters. Throughout his stay in Vice City, he met psychotic drug barons, porn directors, drug-induced rock stars, corrupt politicians, and clingy women who wanted to sleep with him.

Ken Rosenberg and Kent Paul are also great comedic partners with Tommy. He barely tolerates their over-the-top presence as he fixes his problems.

Their interactions are often quite amusing (and in the case of Kent, often at his own expense).

#2 - Huang Lee


Chinatown Wars is an underrated gem in the GTA series, so most players miss out on Huang Lee. He is single-handedly one of the snarkiest protagonists. Given everything he goes through, it's understandable he needs a defensive mechanism.

Huang is witty, clever, and quick to insult. He also benefited from the writing style of Chinatown Wars, since Rockstar has to rely on text-based dialog for this portable title. Most of his insults cut right down to the bone.

Although he isn't as well-known as other GTA protagonists, Huang still has his place among the funnier ones.

#1 - Trevor Philips


Trevor is an unpredictable man prone to angry outbursts. Despite his violent and destructive behavior, however, Trevor is a comedic gold mine. Thanks to Steven Ogg, GTA players always get a good laugh with Trevor's antics.

GTA players can also switch to Trevor at random points in time. His misadventures involve running around in his underpants, driving a scooter and bothering other scooter drivers, and driving a stolen helicopter while drunk.

Trevor doesn't discriminate in his hatred of humanity. Whether it's the military, police, clowns, or hipsters, Trevor never runs out of insults or injuries. He is loud and profane, yet he says everything with such confidence.

GTA 5 without Trevor Philips would be a rather lonely existence.

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