5 GTA 6 gameplay features revealed by leaks that have left players intrigued 

A list of five possible GTA 6 gameplay features according to the leaks (Image via Sportskeeda)
A list of five possible GTA 6 gameplay features according to the leaks (Image via Sportskeeda)

GTA 6 is an upcoming title being developed by Rockstar Games. Thankfully, due to an incident that brought about major leaks a couple of months ago, gamers were offered a glimpse of possible features the title could have.

Although the developers haven’t confirmed any information the leaks provided, fans can expect some major gameplay changes compared to what is seen in GTA 5. With that being said, let’s learn about five potential gameplay features the upcoming title can see.

5 potential GTA 6 gameplay features according to leaks

5) Smarter cop AI


Leaks suggest that the upcoming game will give players some time to surrender in front of cops before the latter starts shooting at them. This will be a new feature in the series if implemented. In previous games, the police would fire at gamers if they reached a wanted level of two or more stars. However, if the leaked information is believed to be true, that won't be the case in the new game.

4) Functional CCTV cameras


Next on the list is the rumored inclusion of CCTV cameras in the open world of GTA 6, which is expected to be set in Vice City. The series has never seen such cameras in its open-world environment before.

The leaks gave an idea of how these CCTV cameras would play a role in the game. If players commit a crime in front of a camera, cops will be notified regarding the same. This can also add more choices regarding how missions and strategies can be approached.

3) Cops take longer to arrive


Rumor has it that cops might take longer to get to the player's location in GTA 6. In the latest Grand Theft Auto 5, gamers can witness the police chasing them down only seconds after committing a crime.

Although the idea of getting cops involved in case certain rules are broken is pretty important, it limits the possibility of playing on the opposite side of the law. If the leaks are true, the additional time the cops might take will be a game changer. Players will have more freedom in planning their escape from a crime scene before cops take them down.

2) More in-depth police behavior


Cops have always been an important part of the series since its first game was released. Players can expect the police to chase them down whenever they commit a crime in a GTA title.

Leaks suggest that the next game in the series will ensure cops are more realistic. They will reportedly be more tactical in approaching a crime scene and will refrain from massacring just about everyone around them. This feature might go hand-in-hand with the one that suggests cops will arrive late to crime scenes.

1) Police remember the vehicle’s plate and model number


The upcoming title might see cops remembering vehicles’ plate numbers as well as their models. The leaks suggest that the game will not allow players to simply respray a vehicle to evade cops anymore.

According to rumors, cops will remember gamers’ vehicles and track them down with the use of modern technology. This will force players to swap vehicles when cops are not around to get away from them. If the leaks are accurate, then this will be the biggest gameplay change in the history of the series.

As Rockstar Games hasn’t confirmed any of these gameplay features, readers should take the information provided in this article with a grain of salt. The developers are unlikely to share any information about GTA 6 until they're ready.

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