5 GTA 6 leaks that could turn out to be true 

GTA 6 leaks that can be true (Image via Sportskeeda)
GTA 6 leaks that can be true (Image via Sportskeeda)
Viren Mirpuri

There are multiple leaks and rumors about GTA 6 that are being circulated around the community but only a few are from trusted sources and are expected to be a part of the final game. Players have been patiently waiting for the announcement of GTA 6, and every leak or rumor builds up their anticipation.

Within the confusion of which are false claims and which ones could be true, here is a list of 5 of the most believable leaks about GTA 6.

5 most believable GTA 6 leaks

5) Take two Interactive's patent

Rockstar Games' parent company, Take two Interactive, patented an improved AI function called 'Systems and Methods for Virtual Navigation in a Gaming Environment'. This patent was made for better AI response of NPCs with pathfinding and character pathing.

This leak is very believable as GTA 6 is expected to have better NPC AI for movement since Rockstar hasn't updated this function for a while.

4) Captain McClane

Voice actor and musician Dave Jackson has claimed he will be playing the role of an officer named Captain McClaine in the new GTA series. This was a very open claim by the actor, which may or may not result in him being taken off the project due to the non-disclosure agreement. Hence, there is a good chance that one of the important characters in GTA 6 will be named Captain McClane, and he will be a cop.

3) GTA 6 might be based in Vice City

Several claims from reputed leaker Tom Henderson, along with many others, claim that GTA 6 will be based in Vice City. Although the game won't be set in the 80's like the previous versions of GTA, the game does seem to be set in Vice City so Rockstar can continue using assets and esthetics from GTA 5/Online.

2) Multiple protagonists

There are many rumors being spread that GTA 6 will also have multiple protagonists. According to Tom Henderson, Rockstar Games will be going with the three protagonists approach for GTA 6 even though the same concept was used in GTA 5.

Having three protagonists gives the series a more dynamic storyline compared to having just one protagonist. More protagonists make the game exceedingly interesting as interlocking characters' lives makes for more diverse storylines.

1) Female protagonist

Various leaks and rumors point towards GTA 6 having a female protagonist. This will be the first time the series will have a playable female character since the original GTA. This is another leak from Tom Henderson stating that GTA 6 will have a playable female and male protagonist.

Tom's leaks have usually proved to be correct and he has always been a reputable source of information. So it is safe to believe that there is a good chance of having a playable female protagonist in GTA 6.

Note: This list is subjective and reflects only the writer's opinions.

Edited by Allan Mathew

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