5 GTA characters who never got the happy ending they deserved

Johnny deserved better (Image via GTA Wiki)
Johnny deserved better (Image via GTA Wiki)

Some GTA characters deserve a better ending than the one they've gotten.

Everybody dies, but that doesn't mean they need to die at that given moment. Death is often used as a plot device to make the plot progress, yet it's a permanent end to these characters. Unfortunately, it's not always written in a desirable way to some parts of the GTA fanbase.

Given the structure of every GTA games' storyline, it's only inevitable that some characters get the better end of the stick than others. Predictably, this article will focus on those characters that could've gotten a better ending relative to what they got.

Five GTA characters who deserved a better ending

#5 - Avery Carrington

His ending in Liberty City Stories was quite brutal (Image via Rockstar Games)
His ending in Liberty City Stories was quite brutal (Image via Rockstar Games)

Avery went from being an important associate of Tommy Vercetti to being killed and having his corpse be dined on by his student, Donald Love. While nobody can last on top forever, it's still a questionable ending, even by GTA standards.

Given how many other terrible human beings tend to align themselves with a GTA protagonist, it's rather strange that Avery would have one of the worse endings imaginable. Donald Love, by comparison, has an ambiguous ending where the player doesn't really know what happens to him.

He played the system as many other GTA villains do, but it doesn't always work to their benefit.

#4 - Victor Vance


As far as GTA protagonists go, Victor Vance is unquestionably one of the morally better ones. Everything he does for his brothers is touching, and GTA Vice City Stories ends in a logical and happy ending.

Sadly, that game is not the end of his overall character trajectory. Rather, it's his first appearance that determines his fate. In GTA Vice City, he is seen getting killed in a botched drug deal.

It served as Lance Vance's main motivation throughout the game, but fans of the former game were disappointed in how it turned out for him.

#3 - Floyd Hebert

It doesn't end well for Floyd (Image via GTA Wiki)
It doesn't end well for Floyd (Image via GTA Wiki)

Floyd is one of the few, genuinely nice characters in the GTA series who tries to live a morally good life. Unfortunately for Floyd, he lives as a punching bag that Trevor takes advantage of regularly.

Ignoring the atrocities Trevor commits to Floyd on a daily level, one also has to consider how badly his relationship with Debra would've likely ended. She was probably already cheating on him with Bob, so there isn't much Floyd could've done for a better ending.

He stands up to Debra and Trevor at the end, but it's too little too late. He's killed by being shot in the head, and his life up to that point was rather miserable if nothing else.

#2 - Ryder


Regardless of whether one believes Ryder was always meant to be a villain or not, it's hard to say that his current ending isn't anything but anti-climatic. He's largely ignored as a villain and isn't even mentioned by CJ when he discovers the shocking betrayal.

Ryder went from being a hugely important character to just another minion that CJ kills. His importance wanes fast throughout GTA San Andreas' storyline, which makes his ending lose the impact it could've had otherwise.

Big Smoke is a good example of a villain who got a suitable ending. By comparison, Big Smoke's death had higher stakes and CJ's reaction to it throughout the storyline felt more genuine.

#1 - Johnny Klebitz

GTA 5 fans know exactly how Johnny's story ends (Image via Rockstar Games)
GTA 5 fans know exactly how Johnny's story ends (Image via Rockstar Games)

On the surface, everything that happens to Johnny Klebitz makes sense. The storytelling is logical and it's easy to see how he and his biker gang have fallen so far. That said, fans of GTA 4: The Lost and Damned would've preferred to see Johnny in a more positive light than what they got in GTA 5.

Johnny Klebitz and his gang are easily killed by Trevor Philips in GTA 5's storyline. His ending in The Lost and Damned was already bittersweet, so it felt like a gut punch to those who loved his character and story.

Alas, Johnny was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Who knows how differently his encounter with Trevor would've gone if the latter didn't just find out Michael was still alive.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

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