5 GTA San Andreas features that still stand out in 2021

Features in GTA San Andreas that still stand out in 2021 (Image via Sportskeeda)
Features in GTA San Andreas that still stand out in 2021 (Image via Sportskeeda)

GTA San Andreas may be an old game, but it's not obsolete by any means. Despite it being released in 2004, there are several features that still stand out and shine on through.

With the remastered version coming soon, long-time fans will have a lot to look forward to. Here are the top five features of GTA San Andreas that still stand out in 2021.


Top 5 features from GTA San Andreas that still stand out in 2021

5) Physical appearance

Unlike other GTA titles, players in GTA San Andreas could not only change their outer appearance, but even their own body type as well. For instance, if CJ ate too much food, he would become fat in-game.

It goes without saying that this feature was well received and adored by fans worldwide. Now, in addition to gaining weight, CJ could also lose it and bulk up as well.


4) Realism

Now, in addition to bulking up or slimming down in GTA San Andreas, CJ would also get better at in-game activities by practicing them over and over, much like real life.

This embodiment of realism was a much-loved feature by fans, and remains popular till date. In fact, the realism was so prominent that CJ would even puke if players forced him to eat too much food.


3) Bodyweight dynamics

It turns out that body appearance wasn't just for looking good, as it had certain working features as well in GTA San Andreas. For instance, if CJ got fat, the dialogues of pedestrians and CJ's as well would change to reflect his weight.

In addition to the change in dialogues, certain missions couldn't be played if CJ was above a certain weight threshold. The NPC would inform players that CJ had to lose weight to pursue the mission.


2) Fast travel by flying

Traveling in GTA San Andreas was rather ahead of its time. Players wouldn't simply teleport from one location to another, they had to either drive or steal a plane and fly.

Now, while most preferred this method, for those players who wanted to travel in style and hassle free, they could do so by paying for an air ticket. Suffice to say the immersion levels were off the chart.


1) Bounty Target

In GTA San Andreas, if players managed to go broke and get into debt while playing at the casino, CJ would be asked to pay up the money, failing which hitmen would pursue and attack him after a few days.

In the present day and age, these mechanics seem trivial, but back in the day it was a leap forward in gaming. The very fact that players couldn't go into debt at casinos without being hounded was profound.


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