5 GTA Trilogy features that we want in GTA 6

GTA Trilogy features
There are many GTA Trilogy features that GTA 6 should have (Image via Rockstar Games)

There are several GTA Trilogy features that are still being talked about, and some of them deserve to return in Grand Theft Auto 6. These features are what made the Trilogy games so well-loved, but many of them haven't been brought back in another series title. Features like unique ownable assets or mansions and robbable banks would make the open-world environment of the upcoming title’s map much more interesting.

Not only would these features add replayability, but Rockstar Games would also be paying a well-deserved homage to Grand Theft Auto 3, Vice City and San Andreas. Without further ado, here's a list of GTA Trilogy features that should be included in the upcoming game.

Note: This article is subjective and only reflects the writer’s opinions.

GTA Trilogy features that should be featured in GTA 6

1) Vigilante missions


Vigilante missions are something that fans have been requesting for a while. The last time they were featured in a Grand Theft Auto game was in 2008 in GTA 4.

Vigilante missions are one of the most well-loved GTA Trilogy features, and you'll find them in Grand Theft Auto 3, Vice City, San Andreas, and even the Stories games.

The upcoming GTA Online Summer Update 2024 is supposedly introducing Vigilante missions to the massively multiplayer game. As such, fans are even more hyped about these side missions returning in GTA 6.

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2) Phone assassination contracts


Grand Theft Auto Vice City has a list of assassination contracts that are available to Tommy Vercetti through the different payphones on the map. These contracts were also brought back in Grand Theft Auto 4 and GTA Online, where you can engage in Payphone Hits to make money.

As GTA 6 takes fans back to Vice City, they're hoping to see payphone assassination missions return in some manner.

3) Owning a mansion

The Vercetti Estate as seen in 1986 (Image via Rockstar Games || GTA Wiki)
The Vercetti Estate as seen in 1986 (Image via Rockstar Games || GTA Wiki)

One of the most exciting GTA Trilogy features is the protagonists' ability to own mansions. This is seen in both Vice City and San Andreas. In the former, the protagonist gains access to a mansion inspired by Scarface. In the latter, the mansion has a more 90s-style design.

Since then, no Grand Theft Auto game has featured ownable mansions of this scale. Hopefully, the upcoming entry in the series brings this feature back. Some fans even expect to see Tommy's mansion as an Easter egg in GTA 6.

4) Unique businesses

Why would a crime lord own a derelict ice cream factory? (Image via Rockstar Games || GTA Wiki)
Why would a crime lord own a derelict ice cream factory? (Image via Rockstar Games || GTA Wiki)

Another interesting GTA Trilogy feature is the different types of businesses that players can own, which are all acquired during the story. Again, this is applicable to Vice City and San Andreas, where you can own a variety of businesses, both legal and illegal.

The illegal businesses include an ice cream factory used for drug distribution and a counterfeit money printing factory. The legal assets include shops, hotels, a taxi service, car showrooms, and more. While Grand Theft Auto 5 also has several purchasable properties, they're not as diverse or interesting as those from the 3D Universe Trilogy.

GTA 6 should bring back some of these unique businesses and maybe even include some of the more realistic properties from Grand Theft Auto Online.

5) A robbable bank


The GTA Trilogy features several robbable stores or houses. Vice City even has a bank that can be robbed any time you want. While the first time you rob the bank is during a story mission, you can return and do the same whenever you like. One of the heists in Grand Theft Auto 5 is a bank robbery mission, but you can't rob it before or after the heist.

With GTA 6, Rockstar Games should bring back the ability to rob a bank whenever players want to during freeroam (outside of missions). This doesn't need to be the same as the Burglaries in San Andreas, which are a different type of side mission altogether.

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