5 hardest GTA San Andreas missions with easier solutions

Here is one of the most infamous missions in GTA San Andreas (Image via Rockstar Games)
Here is one of the most infamous missions in GTA San Andreas (Image via Rockstar Games)
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Even the most difficult GTA San Andreas missions have easier methods to deal with them.

Every game has its fair share of hard missions and GTA San Andreas is no different. Players always remember when CJ had to chase down a train, only for Big Smoke to miss every shot. It can be a frustrating experience. For this reason, players often consult strategy guides.

The good news is there are alternative ways to make it easier. Even the Big Smoke mission is doable under the right circumstances. GTA San Andreas players need to be creative with their solutions. They just need to know what to find and where to look. It can certainly be done.

Five difficult GTA San Andreas missions with easy solutions

5) Fender Ketchup


Johnny Sindacco has been causing problems for the Triads in Las Venturas. CJ decides to teach him a lesson in manners. He intends to do a test drive while Johnny is tied to the windscreen. The purpose of this mission is to scare him senselessly. However, it takes time to build up the scare meter.

There are two viable methods. The first is driving on the nearby highway. When the player drives on the wrong side of the road, it will quickly fill up the meter. If they try doing this on the Las Venturas Strip, there will be too many cars that get in the way, so the highway is more reliable.

Meanwhile, the second method involves the airport. Keep in mind that if the player crashes the vehicle, Johnny will die on impact. However, this strategy bypasses that entirely. There is enough open space to drive around without any issues. GTA San Andreas players can also use the ramps to scare him.

4) Life's a Beach


The mission is already hard enough on the original GTA San Andreas. However, the dancing minigame becomes worse in future installments. Due to HDTV lag in remastered versions, players may not be able to press buttons at the right moment. The mission becomes undoable.

GTA San Andreas speedrunner Joshimuz had the perfect solution. It requires players to recruit a homie. Normally, the only way to steal a locked van is to win the dance off. However, players can unlock the door through other means.

When they try to open the door, the homie will do the same on the other side. If the homie gets in, the player has to disband the gang to leave him waiting in the van. They will now have to shoot the homie in the head and once he falls out, they can enter the open door and steal the van.

3) Tanker Commander


Stealing a truck isn't as easy as it sounds. In GTA San Andreas, CJ and Catalina take a tanker for themselves. However, the gas station workers aren't too happy about it. They proceeded to give chase shortly afterwards.

The main problem is that the tanker has limited health, so it doesn't take long before the gas station workers destroy it in a few hits. When the player gets into the truck, a cut-scene will play. Once it is finished, they should get out of the vehicle and kill the gas station workers.

By doing so, it eliminates potential threats to the tanker. A few headshots will do the trick quite nicely. GTA San Andreas players already have to put up with Catalina. They don't need more of the same.

2) Supply Lines


Truth be told, even with easier methods, this mission can still be tricky to pull off. Supply Lines had strict fuel limits for RC Barons. There is a reason why GTA San Andreas players despise Zero and his missions.

There is a way to make shooting easier. While it defies common sense, players need to land the plane on the ground. When a target vehicle approaches, they will have a stationary position to shoot from.

Otherwise, it's possible for the RC Baron to miss their shots while swooping past the targets. It isn't much, but it does help a little bit in GTA San Andreas.

1) Wrong Side of the Tracks


While on a motorcycle, CJ and Big Smoke have to shoot down Vagos from a moving train. However, Big Smoke always seems to miss his shots. The problem is he needs to be at a certain distance to register his aim.

There is a much easier solution to this problem. At a certain point in the mission, the train will pass a bridge. GTA San Andreas players need to speed past the train and reach the bridge before the Vagos do. If they climb the bridge arches, it will lead to a rooftop. They will now have a clear line of sight.

From there, players can shoot at the incoming Vagos. Alternatively, they can also jump on the train. Since the players are stationary, they can aim their weapons easier. They don't have to rely on Big Smoke to do it for them.

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