Does CJ being fat in GTA San Andreas affect his performance?

Perhaps CJ ate Big Smoke's order (Image from Redditor Lizards_are_cool, via Rockstar Games)
Perhaps CJ ate Big Smoke's order (Image from Redditor Lizards_are_cool, via Rockstar Games)

If GTA San Andreas players allow CJ to become fat, his performance in the game will change drastically.

Unlike most games in the series, GTA San Andreas has a diet system. Depending on how much a player eats, it can result in physical differences. It remains the only game where players can alter their bodies. Rockstar Games made sure players would notice right away.

By eating too much food and refusing to exercise, CJ will gain body weight. GTA San Andreas players need to maintain fat. Otherwise, they will lose muscles when they are hungry. However, too much fat will result in obesity. It will reflect on CJ's performance in the game.

How does CJ being fat affect his performance in GTA San Andreas?


GTA San Andreas players need to eat lots of food to become fat. However, anywhere over nine servings will cause them to throw up. They can also avoid going to the gym. For the sake of novelty, they can try it out for themselves. The gameplay has changed up quite a bit.

Dispelling rumors


First of all, it's important to address persistent rumors. An urban legend claims that CJ will die of a heart attack if he is too fat. Despite common misconceptions, this is not true.

There is nothing in the game files that suggests this code exists. More than likely, players thought they had a heart attack when they were starving. If a player doesn't eat for a few days, they will gradually lose their health. Perhaps this is the reason the rumor spread across forums.

However, obesity does negatively affect gameplay in GTA San Andreas. Players will have to deal with the consequences of their actions. This not only extends to random dates but also prevents them from completing missions.

Decline of physical capabilities


GTA San Andreas players will have a more difficult time playing the game if CJ is fat. His physical abilities will decrease, such as his health and stamina. Several missions require players to run and jump over objects. It will be harder to pull them off when they are fat. Predictably, they also lose their sex appeal.

In this state, CJ does everything slower. Whether it's climbing up walls or hopping a fence, it takes him a while. This leaves a major opening for enemy combatants. They can get a few easy shots. It's not suitable for combat.

Interestingly, players will not be able to perform certain missions if they are obese. One example is the Black Project mission. "The Truth" requires CJ to break into Area 69 to steal a jetpack. If the player is too fat, the hippy will mockingly tell them to lose weight. Otherwise, they cannot use the jetpack.

Changes in dialog


Pedestrians in GTA San Andreas will react to CJ. They may comment on his physical appearance, whether he is muscular or fat. In the case of the latter, they often make fun of him. CJ will also reference his weight in his casual dialog. Here is one example:

"I'd rather be in a drive-thru than a drive-by."

It's worth listening to these lines. These are some of the funniest ones in the entire game. Rockstar Games recorded several of them for fat CJ. GTA San Andreas players can test it out for themselves. The game rewards players with this attention to detail. At the very least, CJ is rather proud of his body frame.

Random phone calls


At some point, Big Smoke will call CJ to talk about his weight problems. CJ will fight back, saying Big Smoke is the last person he needs to hear this from. Sweet will also tell CJ to hit the gym more often.

GTA San Andreas puts in as many fat jokes as they possibly can. For some reason, Ryder seems to be nicer about it than Big Smoke and Sweet. However, he prefers to make fun of the player's driving skills instead.

GTA San Andreas is all about attention to detail


One of the biggest strengths of GTA San Andreas is how meticulous it is. Regardless of the weight class, the game will comment on it. From story characters to pedestrians, there is attention to every little detail.

Size does matter in GTA San Andreas. Whether a player is thin, muscular, or fat, it does affect gameplay in unique ways. No other game in the series does it to this extent. That's what makes GTA San Andreas stand out.

For these reasons, players might prefer fat CJ over their regular counterparts. This is a completely new experience for players. Rockstar Games didn't have to put in this much work. But the players are certainly appreciative of the efforts.

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