5 hidden Easter Eggs in GTA Vice City Definitive Edition that are hard to find

Easter Eggs make the gameplay more fun in GTA Vice City Definitive Edition (Image via Rockstar Games)
Easter Eggs make the gameplay more fun in GTA Vice City Definitive Edition (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA Vice City Definitive Edition is a remastered HD Universe version of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City that shares many parallels with the original game. Rockstar Games has also imported most of the Easter Eggs into the latest game, allowing fans to find them in HD resolution.

Although most Easter Eggs are easily discovered while playing the game, some are so well-hidden by the developers that even experienced players struggle to find them.

This article lists five hard-to-find hidden Easter Eggs in the Grand Theft Auto Vice City Definitive Edition that you can look for in the game.

Note: This article is subjective and only reflects the writer's opinions.

Cement Shoes and 4 other challenging Easter Eggs that you can try to find in GTA Vice City Definitive Edition

1) Frankie Outfit


The Frankie Outfit, also known as the 100% completion t-shirt, is one of the rewards that the developers give to players who accomplish the game thoroughly. Readers should remember that completing the game 100% includes the main story missions and all side activities, collectibles, and random events.

Once you've unlocked the outfit, you can pick it up from the Vercetti Estate. It is a white t-shirt with black stripes on the neck and arms that bears the following text:

“I completed Vice City and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.”

While completing the story missions in GTA Vice City Definitive Edition is relatively easy, achieving 100% completion is complex.

2) Easter Egg Room


Rockstar Games was very sneaky in the early days as they included an Easter Egg, which is a literal Easter Egg. The Easter Egg Room is a hidden space inside a building near the Vice City News office in Downtown Vice City.

Definitive Edition players can go to the location above and jump through a window to enter this Room. Once inside, you’ll find a brown Easter Egg on top of a pedestal with “Happy Easter” inscribed.

While finding the Easter Egg may appear simple, locating the accessible window is the most challenging job.

3) Moon Landing Scene


Moon Landing was one of the most talked-about subjects in the early 2000s, with many people claiming it was fake and staged inside a secret shooting location in America. Rockstar Games adopted the gist and included a hidden Easter Egg in GTA Vice City Definitive Edition.

Go to InterGlobal Studios and look for the "B Stage" recording room to find it. Inside, there's a recreation of the lunar landing vehicle with the American National Flag nearby. The room's walls are also decorated with posters of space and the moon's surface.

Players of the Definitive Edition can also find and equip an M4 rifle right behind the space shuttle.

4) Cement Shoes


Cement shoes are among the most popular yet horrifying Easter Eggs in GTA Vice City Definitive Edition. This refers to the notorious Mafia and gang murders in which victims' feet were immersed in raw cement mixtures and drowned in deep water to suffocate and die.

If you take a boat and surf near the waters of the Leaf Links golf course, you will see a human-like figure submerged in water. Zoom in with a sniper or other weapon to see a dead fat man donning cement shoes.

5) Bull sharks


Although most GTA Vice City Definitive Edition players know that sharks can be found in Vice City's waterways, only a few have seen them. The Bull sharks have no confirmed spawn location or conditions. GTA players can find them randomly across the map in the ocean.

While they may swim right next to you, they are immune to any damage caused by you and will not react in any way.

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