5 iconic GTA glitches worth revisiting

This Grand Theft Auto series is full of fun bugs (Image via Rockstar Games)
This Grand Theft Auto series is full of fun bugs (Image via Rockstar Games)
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Virtually every video game has glitches, and the GTA series is home to plenty of memorable ones (both fun and frustrating).

After all, there are over a dozen games in the series, and the scope of each title means that some things are bound to slip Rockstar Games' watchful eye.

This article will focus on a variety of different glitches found throughout the GTA series so as to not overly focus too much on a single title.

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5 memorable glitches in the GTA series worth looking back to

1) Cherry Popper Save Corruption (GTA Vice City)


The first glitch worth looking at is not one that people would look back on fondly. Essentially, there is a random chance that saving at the Cherry Popper property can corrupt the save file.

There is no known cause for this anomaly, and there is a low chance of it happening. Some players have saved here plenty of times and have never experienced the glitch.

It should go without saying that losing access to one's save file is not ideal. Ergo, players should save the game literally anywhere else but in this particular property.

2) Blue Hell (All GTA games in a 3D setting)


The idea of Blue Hell is pretty simple; it's essentially a void that's out of bounds. However, its ubiquity in most games makes it a popular glitch within the community.

The easiest game to abuse it in is GTA San Andreas. This is due to the presence of the Jetpack, which allows players to explore this empty void easily.

This bug isn't helpful to abuse by any means, but it's a fun novelty that players can use to look at parts of the game they normally shouldn't look at.

Gamers shouldn't worry about getting stuck in Blue Hell, as Rockstar Games programmed these games to automatically teleport the player back to solid ground after a short while.

3) Territory Glitch (GTA San Andreas)


Real OGs who have played GTA San Andreas on the PS2 will likely remember the Territory Glitch. It was essentially an exploit that would cover anywhere from a small part of the game world to 173 new gang territories. The most popular variation of it involved the player flying a plane towards the boundaries of the game for half an hour or more.

It wasn't useful per se, but it was certainly an iconic exploit that many gamers would remember. This glitch also has a tendency to happen on missions like Saint Mark's Bistro, as it involves the player flying away from the state of San Andreas for a prolonged time. However, it's usually not long enough to have more noticeable effects.

These additional territories will only have one wave of enemies to go through, making them easier to conquer. It's also worth noting that some parts of the game are programmed not to spawn any gang members, even if there is a territory there.

4) Swing Glitch (GTA 4)


Grand Theft Auto 4 introduced new ragdoll physics, making this game feel drastically different from its predecessors. Most players loved the change, but there were some unintended problems with it. The most infamous example involves certain swingsets like the ones found in the Firefly Projects Park.

The game tried to be realistic compared to its predecessors but inadvertently created one of the most hilarious exploits in the franchise. This glitch essentially involved the player driving into a swing for a few seconds before quickly being propelled across a long distance.

Some vehicles were sent flying more than others, which made this bug a blast for many YouTubers back in the day. On a more minor note, it was also a great way to leave a particular area quickly, as players can be sent flying several blocks over.

5) God Mode (GTA Online)


Although Rockstar Games patch GTA Online regularly, there is always a God Mode exploit of some kind in it. It's not surprising that so many players love to abuse it simply because it gives them a game-breaking advantage over everybody else. For those that don't know, God Mode is a term that refers to players who are unable to take damage of any kind.

That means they can never get Wasted. However, the same cannot be said about their opponents unless they have also performed a God Mode exploit of some kind. It's easy to see why so many players despise this glitch and why they wish Rockstar Games would be stricter with those who abuse it.

Performing game-breaking bugs in a multiplayer game is far more significant than doing it in a single-player game simply because it affects other players. It also helps that there have historically been many easy ways to activate God Mode in GTA Online.

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