5 most incredible sedans featured in GTA Online

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Driving is a big part of GTA Online, and swift and smooth sedans make incredible rides in the game.

Like everything else in GTA Online, some sedans are exceptionally great, boasting nippy handling and quick acceleration, while others are not worth paying through the nose for.

These are GTA Online's best sedans

5) Karin Asterope


Recorded at a top speed of 105.00 mph, the Karin is one of the fastest sedans in GTA Online and makes for an irreplaceable addition to the player's garage. It takes obvious inspiration from the and leaves many of its contemporaries in the dust. The Karin also boasts smooth handling and quick acceleration and is quite capable of beating its contenders on the fast track.

4) Obey Tailgater


Another incredibly competent sedan, recorded at a top speed of $104.25 mph. The Tailgater features nimble handling, quick acceleration, and decent traction. The only downside to this vehicle is its tendency to understeer when the brakes are not being used. Aside from that, the Tailgater is definitely one of the best vehicles in GTA Online and is worth every pretty penny.

3) Benefactor Schafter


This is perhaps the most popular sedan in GTA Online and not without reason. The Schafter handles exceptionally well, barely requiring any input from the driver, and features rapid acceleration. Furthermore, it is recorded at a top speed of 110.25 mph, which, while it may not make it the fastest land vehicle in GTA Online, definitely makes her one of the fastest sedans in the multiplayer game.

2) Benefactor Schafter V12 (armored)


Few things are as satisfying in GTA Online as a lightning-fast vehicle that boasts bullet-proof armor. The Schafter V12 comes equipped with armor padding and a bullet-resistant window. It can take its fair share of damage, but multiple shots can set on fire. It is recorded at a top speed of 123.50 mph (198.75 km/h).

1) Benefactor Schafter V12


Of course, this vehicle needs no introduction in GTA Online. Equipped with several great features and exceptionally high top speed, recorded at 124.25 mph, the Schafter V12 is unanimously agreed upon as the most value-for-money vehicle in GTA Online.

As expected of such a high-end vehicle, the Schafter V12 boasts nimble handling, great traction, and quick acceleration. Fans of sedans definitely don't want to miss out on this one-of-a-kind vehicle.

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