5 locations in GTA San Andreas that are riddled with mystery

GTA San Andreas has a lot of strange locations(Image via USgamer)
GTA San Andreas has a lot of strange locations(Image via USgamer)

GTA San Andreas has always intrigued players in numerous ways. The game is filled with places and mysteries. Even after so many years since the game's release, players have not been able to uncover them all.

GTA San Andreas's map is loaded with mysteries for players to unravel. The map itself is very huge which makes the whole thing even more difficult. Here, in this article, players will learn about 5 locations in GTA San Andreas that are riddled with mystery.

5 mysterious locations in GTA San Andreas

1) Mount Chiliad Cave

The Mount Chiliad Cave is a natural arch present on the northeastern slope of Mount Chiliad in GTA San Andreas. This place is made strange by a red mist that covers the region occasionally at night. What causes this color is still unknown.

There are rumors that this cave is home to Bigfoot or some other kind of creature. The arch is positioned on a cliff that suddenly drops down to a creek. If players fall, it is impossible to get out without a vehicle.


2) Los Santos Observatory

The Los Santos Observatory in GTA San Andreas is also home to a strange irregularity. This observatory is the most common spawn location for the Backpacker, an Epsilon Program member. The Epsilon Program is a conspicuous cult found within GTA San Andreas.

The observatory park, the balcony, or the nearby pathways are one of the spawn locations for the Backpacker, an ill-famed Epsilonist. Players believe that this observatory is a gathering spot for the cult. What's also fascinating is that the pathway of the observatory is made to look like a cross when observed from above.


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3) Abandoned Sawmill

The Abandoned Sawmill is located on the outskirts of the town of Angel Pine, Wheatstone in GTA San Andreas. The mysterious thing about the place is that random vehicles spawn near the sawmill despite it being vacated. Many players have also stated that they heard chainsaw noises in proximity to the sawmill.

Cars appear out of nowhere (Image via GTA Myths Fandom)
Cars appear out of nowhere (Image via GTA Myths Fandom)

4) Church of Satan

This church can be found in the small town of Bayside. A universally known portraiture of what may be Lucifer, resembling an angel with black wings, can be seen on the stained-glass window. It's a symbol of Satanism and the Satanic community in the game.

The Church of Satan has a glitch that changes its lighting. During the day, the church is dark, but at around midnight the Church grows very bright and becomes a visible landmark.


5) Secret Valley

In GTA San Andreas, a restaurant chain by the name of Secret Valley, has unusual traits that classify it as a mythical location. A YouTuber by the name of Cfox306 first discovered this location. The player found out that, upon accessing any of the Secret Valley restaurants, the player first gets stuck in the restaurant and ultimately falls in the Blue Hell. Check out the video below.


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