5 most memorable Tommy Vercetti moments from GTA Vice City

Tommy is portrayed as a criminal mastermind in GTA Vice City (Image via
Tommy is portrayed as a criminal mastermind in GTA Vice City (Image via

GTA Vice City features several dark and twisted characters, but none quite outclass the mind-blowing sketch drawn by Tommy Vercetti.

Tommy Vercetti is genuinely one of the most memorable characters featured in Grand Theft Auto. Beautifully brought to life by Ray Liotta, he was the first protagonist in the game with a voice actor.

While players have always had mixed opinions about silent protagonists, Vercetti's irresistible charm was quick to keep existing fans hooked and attract more video game nerds worldwide.

In GTA Vice City, Tommy is portrayed as a criminal mastermind who, after earning his freedom, builds an empire (Vercetti Crime Family) and becomes the ultimate underworld master of the city.

Five most memorable Tommy Vercetti moments from GTA Vice City

#1 - Changing ships


In the mission "Keep Your Friends" close, Tommy Vercetti is stabbed in the back by one of his closest friends, Lance, who feels no remorse for selling him out.

When Tommy says, "You sold us out," the traitor spit back, "No, I sold YOU out, Tommy. I sold YOU out."

The look of utter disbelief on Tommy's face was heartbreaking, but he doesn't balk. When his enemy asks in mockery about his BIG plan, Tommy says, "I just wanted to piss you off before I kill you."

This is unarguably one of the most iconic scenes in GTA Vice City.

#4 - Dating Mercedes Cortez

Mercedes Cortez, one of the most diverse GTA Vice City charactersImage via Rockstar Games
Mercedes Cortez, one of the most diverse GTA Vice City characters (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA Vice City is known for its perilous missions and life-threatening quests. Still, the game's typical chaos naturally tends to highlight the carefree moments where Vercetti doesn't have to worry about circling his back-stabbing associates like a hawk.

The scene where Tommy dates Mercedes Cortez, one of the most diverse GTA Vice City characters, made for a blast players won't forget soon.

#3 - A mean old friend


When a vital deal goes down, and Tommy loses two of his closest associates, the protagonist calls up Sonny Forelli, an old friend, who acts all mushy before telling him what happened at the docks. That's when Sonny Forelli flips out and turns into the mean old man he really is.

Tommy Vercetti's fear and crumbling fortune in this scene make for one of the most memorable GTA Vice City moments. Especially when he says, "I'm gonna mail you the di*ks of those responsible."

#2 - The Ambush


The beginning of GTA Vice City is the epitome of a 'punch to the gut' start.

Tommy Vercetti remains quiet for the majority of the scene. Most of the talking is done by the driver explaining the ropes of 'the business' while driving him to the assigned location.

Not only does the mission get severely out of hand, but Tommy also ends up losing Sonny's money, who, as he claims, doesn't like to be messed with.

The Ambush serves as an unpredictable inciting factor and hooks players right from the start. It is indeed one of the most memorable Tommy Vercetti moments featured in GTA Vice City.

#1 "It's all down south now"


The ending, of course, features the most iconic Vercetti moment in GTA Vice City.

After killing Lance and all his enemies, Tommy doesn't just sit around like a drained sack of human flesh that's had enough. He plans the future with the one friend who didn't stab him in the back, and the two walk out, arms thrown around each other, as the screen goes black.

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