5 mistakes players should avoid making in GTA Online

(Image via GTA wiki Fandom)
(Image via GTA wiki Fandom)
Rahul Bhushan

A vast, expansive, and open-ended game like GTA Online is bound to lead players to make some pretty questionable decisions. GTA Online works successfully because players are left entirely up to their devices and are free to pick and choose the kind of activities and acquisitions they make.

More than anything, every big acquisition, purchase, or decision players make in the game is entirely a matter of timing. For example, an Oppressor MKII might make sense once players have enough properties to help them make money, but it isn't that great a buy when starting.

The only way to progress in GTA Online is to rank up and make money, but players are liable to spend it in places they might regret later with more money. The following are some things that players must avoid to progress faster.

5 mistakes players should avoid making in GTA Online

1) Buying too many expensive/fast cars


While they are certainly quite appealing, it is not a good choice to spend money on more than one fast car. Simply because there aren't too many game modes in which a fast car is as useful as an armored vehicle.

For instance, if the player has an Ocelot Pariah already in their Garage, they need not spend money on another fast car. Their money would be put to much better use in something like the Armored Kuruma to give them the edge over enemy NPCs and players.

2) Buying up too many businesses


The easiest decision in the game is to buy up a business because GTA Online will continuously communicate to players that numerous businesses are up for sale. As a result, players will end up with many businesses that they cannot pay attention to as they don't have the means to complete their regular operations.

Avoiding businesses like Document Forgery should be a priority since the payout doesn't nearly match the investment. Players should look up each business and its potential payouts to make an informed decision regarding a purchase.

3) Focusing solely on Heists


It is easy to get swept up by Heists and spend the majority of one's time in the game simply doing Heists. While replaying them is a good way to make a whole lot of cash at once, they also take a long time to prep and complete, which can rob the player of other profitable ventures in the world.

Thus, maintaining a healthy balance between Heists and other activities is an essential part of the GTA Online experience. Other activities such as Contact Missions and businesses are also a great way to kill time and make some money.

4) Buying up way too many expensive weapons and upgrades


It really cannot be overstated how important weapons are in GTA Online, but it is also essential to also be frugal and conservative with one's spending. For instance, buying an extremely expensive Unholy Hellbringer might seem like an appealing option, but the player is better off sticking to their Special Carbine.

Much like everything else in the game, it is also a matter of timing since the player doesn't have much use for extravagant weapons when starting in the game.

5) Arena War Workshop


The Arena War Workshop is a decent enough purchase late into the game once the player has enough money to throw around. But outside of great customizations and heavy armor on certain cars, the Arena War Workshop isn't really a great purchase for beginners in GTA Online.

Mostly because it doesn't really offer a great return on investment, unlike other properties in GTA Online.

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