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5 most obscure hidden secrets and Easter Eggs in GTA 5

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Sawera Dedar
Modified 22 Mar 2021
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Players love looking for easter eggs in GTA 5 because they are sweet, nostalgic and, sometimes, borderline eerie.

Easter eggs take players down sentimental memory lanes, using subtle and thoughtful signs. These hidden things rejuvenate old memories and make players fall in love with the robust world of GTA 5 all over again.

This article goes over some of the most hidden secrets and easter eggs featured in GTA 5.

5 most obscure hidden secrets and Easter Eggs in GTA 5

#5 Mysterious Hatch

The ocean hides many secrets and one of them is a mysterious Hatch that players know nothing about. It nestles on the floor of the ocean like a historical monument. Players can swim around the massive body of the Hatch and feel the rich scene of a history never that never made it onto the record (at least for now.) This mysterious easter egg in GTA 5 may be a nod to the infamous hatch from LOST.

The ocean hides a great many things in its encompassing depths, but this monumental piece makes for one of the most thought-provoking easter eggs featured in GTA 5.


#4 Back from the dead

Supernatural creatures and mythical beings have a special place in GTA 5 but they don't always play a major role in the events of the story, which is perhaps what makes them so special.

GTA 5, too, is home to its fair share of supernatural beings. The ghost of the dead woman is perhaps the most buzz-worthy easter egg featured in the entire series. It appears at 23:00 and only stays there till midnight - way to be spooky! People believe that it's the ghost of Jolene Cranley-Evans, wife of Jock Cranley. The ghost tends to fade if the player tries to get too close.

Jolene Cranley's ghost definitely wins the award for being the scariest easter egg featured in GTA 5

#3 Max Payne Hawaiin Shirt


Though a lot of people don't know this, the Grand Theft Auto series is not the only creation of Rockstar, and as such, the company tends to drop occasional easter eggs dedicated to its other masterpieces.

The Max Payne Hawaiian Shirt from the Suburban Store, when put on by Michael, turns him into the spitting image of Max Payne, a New York city police detective - the protagonist of Max Payne.

This easter egg is rather underrated in GTA 5 because not a lot of people have successfully connected the dots.

#2 Jesse Pinkman in GTA 5?

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One of the mountains featured in GTA 5 host, for reasons unknown, the picture of a completely random dude.

Fandom theories suggest that the guy is Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad, and the picture on the sides of the mountain sure justifies his distinguishable facecut. Not much is known about this easter egg and players often seem to slip past it without even taking a look.

Given the touch of mystery involved, only Rockstar would know what that random mountain dude in GTA 5 represents.

#1 Frozen Alien


This is perhaps the most iconic easter egg featured in GTA 5. It may not be that obscure anymore since those who stumbled across it were quick to spread the news like wildfire (understandably), but the backstory of the frozen alien is still a mystery.

The frozen mission can only be found in the mission "Prologue' or 'Bury The Hatchet" in GTA 5.

Published 22 Mar 2021, 00:03 IST
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