5 reasons why Claude from GTA 3 is the most psychotic protagonist in the series

Imagine being the silent and deadliest one in the entire GTA series, Claude has it all (Images via Sportskeeda)
Imagine being the silent and deadliest one in the entire GTA series (Image via Sportskeeda)

GTA 3 holds a special place in players’ hearts, and protagonist Claude has to be the reason behind it. The silent man shows no emotions, but is closely connected to the players’ sentiments. Players often consider him to be the face of Grand Theft Auto games.

While every protagonist in GTA games has their own specialties and violent nature, understanding Claude’s behavior sends a chill down the spine of the players. From showing silent aggression to a vengeful nature, he shows “untold” signs of being a psychopath. This article focuses on five reasons why Claude from GTA 3 is the series' most psychotic protagonist in the series.

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Why Claude from GTA 3 is a maniac

5) Mysterious Character


Claude is a mysterious and very little-known character. His portrayal in GTA 3 is sudden, and there is no backstory for his life. Not much is known about his earlier life and family, except for a cameo appearance in San Andreas with his former girlfriend Catalina. San Andreas takes place in 1992 and GTA 3 takes place in 2001. So far, this is Claude's only known backstory.

He is often described as a drifter with no family or surname and came to Liberty City, probably from the West Coast. Rockstar has also not provided any backstory on him so far. The mysterious trait could be characteristic of his personality.

4) No aftermaths


Just like his backstory, Claude’s fate is also unknown to the players till now. After the events of the game in 2001, Claude disappeared from the radar. Although two more games were released in the 3D universe of GTA, their story takes place before Grand Theft Auto 3.

It is unknown what happened to him after the game or where he is currently. However, Rockstar Games have stated that he is certainly not dead. But no one knows his whereabouts till now.

3) One-man army


Claude is a one-man army. He has no ally, he wants no ally. He works alone and gets the job done. Every other GTA protagonist gets allies at least once in the game. Claude also had an ally, his girlfriend Catalina, with whom he used to rob banks before getting betrayed.

But that story takes place before the events of GTA 3, so it does not really count. Since the incident, he has lived and worked alone. As a remorseless and brutal killer, no enemy who crosses his path is safe when he has the right tools for destruction.

2) No strings attached


One wicked trait of psychopaths is that they have no strings attached to anyone. Their employers are certainly not the ones. GTA 3 shows Claude’s progress in a very vicious and remorseless way. Unlike other protagonists like Trevor Phillips of Tommy Vercetti, Claude has no loyalty to anyone and kills anyone in cold blood without any emotions:

“Experience has taught me that a man like you can be very loyal for the right price”

- Donald Love to Claude

Contrary to that, he has killed a number of his former employees and partners like the Mafia Don in Liberty City, the brother of the head of the Liberty City branch of the Yakuza, and his prime target, Catalina. Claude kills anyone who betrays him or is in his path to find Catalina.

1) Silent and revenge-oriented


Claude is always silent, emotionless and stone cold, except for his annoyance with traffic. During the events of the game, he is always oriented towards his final goal of finding and killing Catalina. He only chooses those people who can help him in his quest and takes jobs from them.

As the proverb goes, the silent ones are the deadliest ones. Claude has also proved to be true. Seeing him murdering, shooting and bombing people without uttering a single word is an insane experience. His tranquility may make him look like an easy target, but inside he is a silent killer.

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