5 reasons why Franklin’s return in GTA Online: The Contract DLC is exciting for fans

GTA's Franklin makes a huge comeback (Image via Sportskeeda)
GTA's Franklin makes a huge comeback (Image via Sportskeeda)
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This has to be the biggest announcement that Rockstar has ever made about GTA Online. Not only do players finally get to work with Dr. Dre in GTA Online, but they are now able to partner with Franklin as he appears to have risen to be quite the player in Los Santos.

Of all three protagonists from GTA 5, Franklin certainly deserves to make a comeback the most. He is the youngest and has the most to gain out of the three main characters. As is now clear from the new DLC, Franklin has done very well for himself and works with some big names in the music industry.

This article will discuss 5 reasons fans are excited to see the return of Franklin to GTA Online.

The GTA Online community is going crazy after the news of the new Franklin DLC


Below are 5 reasons why GTA Online players are so excited to see the return of Franklin in the DLC releasing next week, December 15.

1) The players have missed Franklin

He was always going to come back (Image via Sportskeeda)
He was always going to come back (Image via Sportskeeda)

The entire GTA community has missed Franklin. Since most people completed GTA 5 in 2013 and GTA Online became an enormous hit, Franklin and the other protagonists have taken much more of a back seat in the game.

Players are super excited to see Franklin blow up the music scene and the streets of Los Santos again in the new GTA Online DLC.

2) Franklin is the original Los Santos gangsta


Coming from a ghetto in Los Santos, every GTA Online fan loved watching and helping Franklin rise up the ranks in GTA 5 story mode. After everything Franklin went through, many fans were curious as to what he did next after escaping the hood life.

The DLC is confirmation that Franklin has gone on to have huge success in the city. A true gangsta's rags to riches tale as seen in every gangsta film and heard on every gangsta rap album. Now the GTA Online community can roll with him once again.

3) Players want to see and hear what he has been up to


All of the news about the December 15 DLC sounds almost too good to be true. The sheer amount of awesome content being added to GTA Online has got all fans excited. And best of all, the GTA Online players finally get to work with Franklin as well as some other very cool personalities.

The entire GTA community is waiting to find out what Franklin has really been up to these past few years. They also look forward to seeing his newfound wealth and career in the music industry working with Dr. Dre.

4) A whole new GTA Online Franklin storyline


As if it wasn't exciting enough to have Dre and Franklin back in the game, it means so much more that Rockstar are bringing an entirely new storyline with the update. GTA Online players are a little bit stunned at the magnitude of the upcoming DLC.

Next week is highly anticipated as fans will get to see exactly what Franklin is bringing to the GTA Online universe. With new business partners and extra years of experience in Los Santos, fans now think the sky's the limit for Franklin.

5) Franklin and Lamar


The hilarious hood-duo in the early parts of GTA 5 story mode, Franklin and Lamar captured the hearts of GTA fans worldwide. Just like Chris Tucker and Ice Cube in the movie Friday.

Even in recent years they have become famous all over again for one of the first scenes in the game where Lamar roasts Franklin about his "yee yee haircut". GTA Online players cannot wait to see what the pair of old friends are up to in this new and exciting DLC.

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