5 reasons why GTA San Andreas is the best 3D universe game

GTA San Andreas is still a classic for many fans (Images via Rockstar Games)
GTA San Andreas is still a classic for many fans (Images via Rockstar Games)
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GTA San Andreas is arguably the best game in the 3D universe and many fans would agree with this sentiment without batting an eye.

For those who don't know what the 3D universe means, this term refers to every Grand Theft Auto game released after GTA 3. This is because all of these games, including GTA 3, take place in three-dimensional world unlike the games before it, which were mainly top-down 2D games.

And yet, it is not surprising that most fans consider San Andreas to be the best game in this phase of the Grand Theft Auto series. This is a result of all the technical and narrative achievements this game has made and how well it has aged compared to the other games.

This article will give five reasons why this is true and why every fan should at least appreciate that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas exists.

Note: This article reflects the writer's subjective opinion.

5 reasons that make GTA San Andreas the best that the 3D universe has to offer

1) Best characterization


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas features more customization options than any other Grand Theft Auto game in the 3D realm combined. This game has an incredible amount of customization possibilities, which largely relates to the preceding point in terms of what a player may do with them.

If players want to, they can make CJ fat or fit whenever they wish. This also affects the gameplay as if CJ becomes obese, his stamina gets lowered and NPCs also comment on his appearance. This feature shows that there is great depth in this characterization.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas provided a number of incredible customization options that would only be reduced in later editions of the series.

2) Challenging missions


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas features some of the toughest and most challenging missions out of all the other games in the series. But these difficult missions are a major reason why this game is so memorable.

Gamers love a good challenge and finishing it for the satisfaction of completing a difficult game is amazing.

All of the missions in this game are challenging in their own right, but they never get unfair or cheap. Players need the skills to complete them and this is why they love playing this game.

3) Unique side activities


The games that came before Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas were good, but this game offered a number of unique features that set it apart from the competition. All of the side activities available in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas are an example of these new elements.

One can either play a few select video games for a high score or commit nighttime bulgaries. It's just two of the many activities available in the game, which include locating countless collectables scattered throughout the map or engaging in dramatic gang warfare.

4) Memorable characters


GTA San Andreas is perhaps the most memorable cast of any GTA game. Fans of Grand Theft Auto appreciate that the main character, CJ, and also the two legendary villains, Officer Tenpenny and Big Smoke.

Of course, the supporting characters are notable in their own right. Many fans might feel that the characters in GTA San Andreas feel like caricatures and exaggerations. However, while this is true, they are still very well written and have some grounded and realistic qualities that make them more human.

5) Best soundtrack


This game has perhaps the best soundtrack out of the entire series, with its collection of classic gangsta rap songs to its amazing main theme music, which fans still use as their ringtone or notification bell on their smartphone.

The soundtrack for this game has become immortal and fans listen to its original soundtrack religiously.

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