5 sad moments in GTA 5 that leave players tearful

GTA 5 may cause players to shed a tear or two (Image via calloftreyarch, YouTube)
GTA 5 may cause players to shed a tear or two (Image via calloftreyarch, YouTube)

GTA 5 may have a hit-or-miss story for most players, but there are times when Rockstar Game plays their hearts like a violin.

At its action-packed core, GTA 5 is an intense and immersive gameplay experience. The story and overworld provide an opportunity for the player to experience a wide range of emotions. Some of the more powerful ones, of course, are feelings of sadness. GTA 5 isn't as gloomy as the previous game, but it packs a punch nonetheless.

Whether it's the loss of life or of what could've been, GTA 5 delivers on tearful moments. As sad as it is, a bit of rain does make the sunshine more beautiful. If the GTA 5 players know what they're doing, they can make the lives of all three protagonists that much better.

Five painful realizations players had about GTA 5

#5 - Michael and Trevor could’ve been decent human beings


GTA 5 often deals with broken dreams. At one point, Trevor jokingly brings up his time in the Air Force. He could've served his entire country as an ace pilot. Unfortunately, a tough upbringing and unresolved mental issues prevented this dream from being realized. Trevor's piloting skills are second-to-none.

Meanwhile, Michael was once a high school athlete for his football team. A dehibilitating injury later put him on the shelf. Michael eventually realized the only time he truly felt like a winner was a career in crime. As he stated in a therapy session, he feels "content and competent" in this role.

#4 - There are several gangster murals in Los Santos

RIP Jose (Image via GTA Wiki)
RIP Jose (Image via GTA Wiki)

Throughout most of Los Santos, GTA 5 players will find artistic murals. Specifically on the southside, these are often dedicated to fallen friends and family. These heartfelt tributes are rather touching, given that GTA 5 often plays everything for laughs and amusement.

Rockstar Games hired real-life gangsters for a more accurate representation of graffiti-based art. Specifically, they were allowed to honor deceased loved ones in the game through their art.

Franklin has very good reason to want to leave his lifestyle behind (even if he is unable to). Gang violence is entrenched in the poorer areas of Los Santos. Many lives are ultimately lost here in the ghettos and it's one of the remarkable times GTA 5 feels very real.

#3 - Grove Street Families are taken over by Ballas


GTA San Andreas does not share the same continuity as GTA 5; the former is set in the 3D universe while the latter is within the HD universe. Nonetheless, old-school fans will shed a few tears for Grove Street Families who have been completely run off by the rival Ballas gang.

Missions like Hood Safari drive this point home. Lamar and Franklin have repeatedly brought up how the families are no longer in power. Instead, the Ballas controls the southern areas of Los Santos, including the famous Grove Street. It's a sad sight to see for GTA San Andreas fans.

#2 - Franklin can kill Michael or Trevor for nothing


Note that GTA Online renders these events as non-existent. Either way, GTA 5 players can decide between three different endings. The first two will result in tragedy, as the player is forced to kill one of the other protagonists. Franklin doesn't have it easy here. However, the blame lies squarely on his shoulder.

Neither Trevor nor Michael took Franklin's betrayal very well, since they considered him a close friend. Michael ends up falling to his death, leaving his family without a father. Meanwhile, Trevor burns alive in a barbaric manner. Franklin could've worked with them, but chose this path instead.

GTA 5 players can be grateful none of these endings are canon. However, it can still be hard to watch for fans of Michael and Trevor. Neither of them goes out on their terms. Franklin will have to live with his decision, considering he let his ambitions get in the way. His post-mission phone calls were absolutely heartwrenching.

#1 - Lost MC destroy themselves


For those who enjoyed playing the Lost and Damned expansion pack, GTA 5 was not a good experience. A once powerful gang, the Lost MC are reduced to rubble in this game. Trevor Philips easily takes out a weakened Johnny Klebitz, before he adds insult to injury and kills the remaining members.

Johnny leaves behind a disgraceful legacy - he led the Lost MC to ruin in Los Santos. Those who attend his funeral blame him for all their problems. His girlfriend Ashley ends up either dying at the hands of Trevor or from a fatal overdosing and all key members endure a terrible fate.

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