5 most thrilling things to do in GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas ( Source: Youtube @ Hazardous )
GTA San Andreas ( Source: Youtube @ Hazardous )

GTA San Andreas is a classic and arguably the best GTA game in the series. Players have always loved almost everything about GTA San Andreas. The game defined the GTA series back in 2004 with its features that were new to the gaming world.

Most of the features that players got to experience in GTA San Andreas are still used by Rockstar in its games today. GTA San Andreas was the last installment to the 3d universe and players still love the game dearly till today.

Here is a list of the 5 most thrilling things to do in GTA San Andreas

Shooting range


The Ammu-Nation shop in GTA San Andreas has a shooting range where players can go and practise their shooting skills. Players can use the shooting range as a training ground to practise their aiming skills. For the shooting range challenge, players will be playing against two other shooters and will need to take out the target before the NPCs can take them out.

There are four challenges, which are the Pistol, SMG, Shotgun and AK-47 challenge, with three rounds each. Players must complete this to complete the challenge and to win $10,000 and increase of weapon skill level.

Playing Basket ball


In GTA San Andreas, players can find a basketball court and practise their hoop shots. The player needs to go to a basketball court and pick up the ball to begin the challenge. Players get one minute to shoot as many baskets as they can to make a high score. Every shot the player scores adds 10 seconds to the time.

BMX challenge


The BMX challenge can be done by getting on the BMX in the skate park in Glen Park. In this mission, players are supposed to collect 19 floating red rings around the park. Players need to collect all the rings before the time runs out and each ring gives players an extra 10 seconds to complete the task. Players are rewarded $1000 for completing this mission.



This side mission requires players to pick up prostitutes and drop them to meet their clients. There is a timer that players need to go by to be able to drop the girls off to their clients, and these missions have 10 different levels for which CJ is paid according to the level in multiples of 300.

Sometimes the client will attack the girl and CJ will need to kill them if they do so. There will be occurences of clients trying to flee without paying and CJ needs to make sure that he gets the money.

Gang Warfare


Gang Warfare is probably the most exciting feature that Rockstar added to GTA San Andreas. This feature requires CJ to take over the entire city of San Andreas and maintain power over all the turfs.

CJ can recruit gang members to help him with the gang warfare and players need to build up respect to be able to hire more gang members. Once CJ has 80% respect, he can recruit upto 7 members to take over the city.

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