5 most underappreciated characters in the GTA series

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki

One of the reasons why the GTA series is so popular in the gaming world is because of all the morally gray and thought-provoking characters it features. From power-hungry cops to filthy rich businessmen and insanely talented artists, the game features an assortment of diverse and relatable characters.

But given how much players love dark antagonists whose ultimate goal is to wreak havoc in the world, it's natural for some side characters to never receive the love and appreciation they deserve.

5 most underappreciated characters in the GTA Series

#5 - Fernando Martinez


Fernando Martinez is a popular radio personality in the GTA series who makes an appearance in almost every Grand Theft Auto game.

He also seems to have a knack for tacky lines and sappy cliches. His character is the perfect portrayal of a "Latin Lover." Martinez is the guy people generally approach when their relationship hits a dead end, or at least that is what he would like people to believe.

Martinez and his obsession with the art of romance make for some of the funniest scenes in the GTA series. He definitely deserves more love and appreciation for his candour and burning passion.

#4 - Barry Mickelthwaite

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki

Barry Mickelthwait is one of the most diverse characters featured in the GTA series. Before Phil Collins hired him, he managed a talking dog called Puddles.

Some scenes indicate that Barry Mickelthwaite had a drunken encounter with Reni Wassulmaier in Monaco, earning the name "Miss Management."

Barry is a natural at what he does and adds a touch of humor to the game, which is extremely important considering how dark and overwhelming it can get at times.

#3 - Kent Paul

Image via gtainside
Image via gtainside

Given Kent Paul's relatable insecurities and dreamy life, he's the kind of character who deserves no introduction.

Kent Paul is an artist and loves making music, but since art isn't exactly considered "cool" in a world as dark as the GTA series, Kent pretends to a criminal mastermind.

He may not be the most profound character in the game, but a lot of people can relate with him on a personal level, which is what makes him so special. The GTA series needs more Kent Pauls.

#2 - Tracey De Santa

Image via GTA wiki
Image via GTA wiki

Tracey De Santa may be dismissed as a "spoiled brat," but she grew up living under the shadow of a "star" sibling and a successful parent, so her actions are, at times, justified.

Tracey doesn't make a lot of appearances in the GTA series, which makes sense given how much she despises her father, but she definitely deserves more appreciation.

#1 - Donald Love


Donal Love is the quintessential Grand Theft auto character. Rich, influential, and blood-thirsty.

Donal Love is a cannibal who compares human flesh with chicken but calls it more "sentient".

He also has an insanely profitable corporation called Love Media and is an active part of the construction industry. This explains how he is one of the richest people in the GTA series.

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