5 most underrated ways to make money in GTA Online 

GTA Online Money (Source: Youtube @LaazrGaming)
GTA Online Money (Source: Youtube @LaazrGaming)
Viren Mirpuri

GTA Online is a game where money matters a lot. The currency in the game can be used to buy almost everything. Properties, businesses, vehicles, and even snacks are bought in the game with GTA money.

A lot of players want all the fancy cars and all the best weaponry in the game, which comes at a price. Money talks in this world, and to make money, GTA Online has many ways that players can get rich.

There are a lot of items in GTA Online that come quite expensive, and to afford them players need to grind their way in the game. Sometimes not all players want to go the conventional route of making money and some like to keep their options open.

Top 5 most underrated ways to make money in GTA Online

5) Robbing stores

GTA Online has 20 general stores around the map. Players can decide to rob these stores at any time they feel like it.

When a player enters a general store, and points a gun at the cashier, the chasier starts to fill money from the register into a plastic bag, and drops it on the floor.

These bags usually have $1000 and $3000 which is quite decent for a quick job.

4) Robbing guards

Sometimes when a player is traveling across the map, they will notice a blue dot on the map which usually depicts a random event.

Sometimes, players will find a sleeping guard at the blue dot which they can walk up to and rob.

Sleeping guards from Cayo Perico will give the player a small key at the first time, but next time onwards, they have $7,007 which players can loot.

3) Time Trials

GTA Online gives players a chance to participate in time trials. These time trials are basically freemode events in which players are able to earn extra cash and RP. Players need to get into a vehicle and beat a time record.

For every new time trial record a player breaks, they are rewarded $100,000. For repeating the time trial once the record is broken, players get a consolation prize which is between $1000 and $4000.

2) Adversary mode

Adversary mode missions are PvP mode missions assigned by Martin Madrazo. The adversary modes come with a variety of missions that players can participate in, in order to make money and RP.

Players can pick from a large number of missions such as the Bunker Series, Missile Base Series, Diamond Adversary Series and many more.

Each game mode has a different payout system, which also depends on the number of players playing.

1) Arcade

Owning an arcade in GTA Online means having a huge business where players can passively earn more money in the game. Players can increase their revenue from the arcade by doing theft missions, in which players have to steal different arcade games and bring them back to their own arcade and set them up.

Note: The article reflects the writer's own views.

Edited by R. Elahi
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