5 unused phone calls that were cut from the GTA series

Some games like GTA 4 had a lot of unused phone calls (Image via Know Your Meme)
Some games like GTA 4 had a lot of unused phone calls (Image via Know Your Meme)

Many pieces of content tend to go unused within the GTA series, which makes several phone calls ending up cut from the final version not so surprising.

Typically, phone calls in the GTA series exist as a way to give some exposition on various matters. However, some phone calls might be seen as unnecessary, especially if it's related to an old plotline that was dropped.

Hence, it isn't surprising that some of these phone calls ended up getting canned in the final version of their respective GTA games.

Fortunately, these phone calls still exist in their respective games' data, meaning that players can still hear the dialog of these phone calls. All of the entries on this list will include YouTube videos of such dialog.

Five cut phone calls from the GTA series

#5 - Mercedes Cortez's relationship with Tommy Vercetti


Many GTA Vice City fans are well aware of the fact that Mercedes Cortez likes Tommy Vercetti. What some fans don't know is that there exists some cut-out dialog between the two characters and the relationship they would've had together.

There have been several phone calls of this nature shown in the video above, with some topics involving Mercedes feeling bored of herself over being proud of Tommy's work.

It also ends with Mercedes being mad at Tommy, which is an interesting change compared to the final version of the game.

#4 - Sweet's calls about drug dealers in Grove Street


Mike Toreno's calls with CJ became more aggressive the more CJ delayed on learning how to fly. On a similar note, Sweet did something similar in GTA San Andreas as seen in the unused phone call above, where he would complain about CJ not dealing with drug dealers on Grove Street.

This was likely connected to some beta features that could have gotten rid of the drug dealers that still spawn around Grove Street, even long after the game was complete.

There is also another unused phone call about Sweet and his girl, but it's not too different from what GTA San Andreas fans already know.

#3 - Faustin's random questions to Niko


GTA 4 has a lot of removed phone calls, some of which belong to Mikhail Faustin. The first phone call asks Niko if he can get him some cocaine, to which Niko says he doesn't have any. Funnily enough, Faustin references that his man is in Vice City during the call.

His paranoia is also more evident in the second phone call, where he asks Niko if Dimitri is sleeping with his wife.

He even says that nobody could be trusted, and later asks Niko if he slept with his daughter. The final phone call is a reference to Dimitri bringing up how bad it is that Niko killed Petrovic, as Faustin doesn't see it as a threat.

#2 - Roman & Mallorie's relationship


Interestingly enough, there exists a series of unused phone calls in GTA 4 related to Roman and Mallorie's relationship. The first half of the video talks about Roman fancying a woman he sees, whereas the latter half indicates that Mallorie got with Vlad to get back at Roman for his infidelity.

Roman's voice lines in the game where he's heartbroken that Niko knew about Mallorie and Vlad's relationship make more sense given the context of these phone calls.

#1 - Trevor mocking Michael and the Epsilon Program


One of GTA 5's most infamous missions involved Michael roaming around the desert on foot. It was an optional mission, but it was designed to be intentionally frustrating given how mundane and boring it is.

Interestingly, there exists a cut phone call where Trevor would call Michael during it and mock him as soon as he heard "Kifflom."

There is an amusing thought that Trevor would say "And you call me crazy." to Michael as he walks around the desert in a silly Epsilon outfit.

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