5 useful things players can do with the interaction menu in GTA Online

Newbies would do well to understand how the interaction menu works (Image via GTA Wiki Fandom)
Newbies would do well to understand how the interaction menu works (Image via GTA Wiki Fandom)
Rahul Bhushan

Despite being nearly seven years old, GTA Online continues to draw in new players, meaning that many players are not familiar with its mechanics. Due to recent sales and PlayStation Plus bonuses, one can wager that GTA Online probably has a lot of players not entirely familiar with how the game works.

Controls that might seem simple to veterans of the game might be entirely new knowledge to a beginner. The interaction menu, used sparsely in the story mode, is one of the most critical tools afforded to the player.

It can be used for various purposes and help players get through some of the most challenging aspects of GTA Online.

Five useful things players can do with GTA Online's interaction menu

#5 - Check daily objectives


Daily objectives appear in the interaction menu and are a great way to pick up some extra RP while roaming about in GTA Online. Daily objectives usually involve participating in a certain game mode or match type, which is relatively easy to do.

The payout might not be all that much, but it eventually adds up when trying to progress faster in the game.

#4 - Enable passive mode


More often than not, players will come across "griefers," determined to actively make other players quit the game, in a session. Whether they achieve that through spawn camping, using an Oppressor MKII, or the Orbital Cannon, the results are often extremely annoying.

Therefore, if the player wishes to roam about in free mode and not engage with griefers, enabling passive mode comes in quite handy.

#3 - Request personal vehicle


To go from Point A to Point B, players will require transportation, and a personal vehicle is their joy and pride. After dropping massive bucks into customizing their ride in GTA Online, occasionally, gamers might find themselves leagues away from their car or bike, with no means to get to it.

Instead of driving down to its location or garage, players can request a personal vehicle from the interaction menu and have the mechanic deliver it to their location.

This is extremely useful when trying to complete any sort of free mode mission, CEO/VIP work, etc.

#2 - Inventory


In a firefight, players might find themselves thoroughly outgunned and in desperate need of help. Without a health pack in sight, beginners might assume that this is the end and succumb to the pressure.

However, snacks in their inventory will save the player's skin multiple times in GTA Online. Having snacks around to replenish their health during a mission or heist is key to getting a huge payout without any crew member dying.

#1 - Spawn location


This aspect might not seem like it might be all that important. However, given just how large the GTA 5 map is, gamers can often use it. If they are dead-set on completing a particular set of objectives exclusively in free mode, they can set their spawn location to its vicinity.

Typically, players can choose from the properties they own as their spawn location. This is extremely useful for CEO/VIP work as well as cargo missions later in GTA Online.

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