Oppressor MK2 vs Hydra: Which one is the better buy in GTA Online?

Image via omg racer, YouTube
Image via omg racer, YouTube

Nothing quite like the Oppressor MKII embodies the sense of a "go-to" vehicle in GTA Online, but the Hydra seems like too appealing an option to let go.

The player is simply spoilt for choice when it comes to powerful and cool vehicles in GTA Online, and the Hydra and the Oppressor present two very appealing options.

As it stands, the current game meta is dominated by the Oppressor MKII as it is easily the most useful vehicle in the game for VIP/CEO work or anything in Freemode.

Not only that, but the Oppressor MKII is a flying hoverbike that can launch missiles and shoot machine guns; pitches don't get much more simply brilliant than that.

On the other hand, the Hydra is a devastating fighter jet that is capable of eviscerating everything in its path with dangerous elegance. Therefore, when it comes down to between the pair of them, which one should players buy in GTA Online?

Oppressor MK2 or Hydra in GTA Online?


Oppressor MKII: $3,890,250 / $2,925,000 (Trade Price)

Hydra: 3,990,000 / $3,000,000 (After Humane Raid-EMP)

When it comes down to pricing, the two are inseparable as they cost almost the same, with a few thousand dollars separating them. That much simply isn't that big of a difference-maker as one isn't clearly more economical than the other.

The Oppressor MK II seems to be a good investment for the player as it is a far easier vehicle to master in GTA Online. The Hydra jet can be a little too much for beginners in the game as there is a certain learning curve attached to flying high-speed jets in the game.

However, if the player is crunched for cash, then the Oppressor MK II makes a lot more sense.

Performance and utility


In terms of performance, the Hydra is obviously far more powerful and speedy than its hoverbike counterpart. However, it isn't exactly the most nimble of vehicles, while the Oppressor MK II can be used to travel to all kinds of remote locations and tight spaces with ease in GTA Online.

In a one-on-one fight, the Hydra probably has better chances of coming away as the victor, but to buy the jet simply on the off-chance one will find an Oppressor MK II to battle is a bit of a leap.

But purely in terms of what the Hydra can offer based on performance and not utility, it has a slight edge over the Oppressor MK II as the hoverbike has limited missiles to fire off.



The real difference-maker between the two truly lies in their utility, as the Oppressor MK II will serve the player far better in GTA Online.

If the player is starting out and is looking for that first big purchase after the Buzzard, then the Oppressor MK II makes the most sense.

Later down the line, when the player is all but set up and is just looking to have fun in GTA Online, then the Hydra is an easy enough choice.

What it really comes down to is simply a matter of timing, as one is far more useful than the other at the starting of the game, while the other is far more fun.

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