5 vehicles from GTA Online that Rockstar should bring over to Story Mode

Story Mode missions in GTA Online feature select vehicles (Image via GTA Wiki)
Story Mode missions in GTA Online feature select vehicles (Image via GTA Wiki)

The Story Mode missions in GTA Online are one of the fastest ways to earn a ton of cash and scale the financial ladder in the game.

However, these missions only allow certain vehicles in the field, which makes the grind somewhat challenging, especially when the player is forced to complete a tricky task with an underwhelming vehicle. While the selection process helps keep the Story Mode missions exclusive, Rockstar should consider adding more fan-favorite assets to the collection.

This article features 5 GTA Online vehicles that should be brought over to Story Mode.

5 vehicles from GTA Online that should be brought to Story Mode

#5 The Akula


Story Mode features quite a few helicopters, including some truly underwhelming ones. The fact that the Akula hasn't been made a part of the Story Mode missions is a little disappointing, considering how powerful it is.

When style and top-end performance are blended, the result is this incredible vehicle. Recorded at a top speed of 157.25 mph (253.07 km/h), the Akula is one of the fastest helicopters in GTA Online.

The Akula can be a great asset for Story Mode missions as it is swift, nimble and lethal.

#4 The Deathbike


The Deathbike is perhaps the most popular motorcycle in GTA Online, excluding the Oppressor MK II (which is more of a futuristic wonder than a bike).

Equipped with a powerful V-Twin engine, the Deathbike has great acceleration and overall performance. Its top speed is recorded at 150 mph, which is definitely not too shabby for a motorcycle.

Moreover, this beast of a vehicle comes equipped with a unique feature called the Jump mode. This feature gives the bike a powerful lurch and sends it soaring through the air.

The Deathbike also has the capacity to host Gatling guns and saw blades, which can come in handy in some of the more difficult Story Mode missions.

#3 The Vigilante


The fact that the Vigilante, one of the most lethal vehicles in GTA Online, hasn't been featured in the Story Mode is quite shocking. Not only does this vehicle boast top-end performance, but it also has the looks to leave people in absolute awe.

With the boost applied, the Vigilante is recorded at an incredibly high top speed of 150 mph. If there is one car that the Story Mode missions need, it Is the Vigilante.

#2 The Oppressor MK II


Every GTA Online player knows how popular the Oppressor MK II is among fans. After its much-anticipated release, GTA Online saw a massive rise in popularity, with the flying motorbike leaving many of its contemporaries in the dust.

While the Story Mode jobs may not necessarily require a futuristic beast like the Oppressor MK II, a weaponized vehicle of its caliber would certainly take the missions to the next level.

#1 The Ocelot Pariah


Given how time-sensitive most Story Mode jobs can be in GTA Online, a lightning-fast vehicle is a must-have.

The Ocelot Pariah is recorded at a top speed of 110 mph and features the kind of handling that barely requires any instruments. Its acceleration and traction are beyond impressive, making it an ideal vehicle for the Story Mode missions in GTA Online.

Edited by Rachel Syiemlieh
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