5 ways GTA 6 can improve upon the GTA Vice City map

GTA 6 can potentially redefine the world map (Image via DubStepZz, using assets from Rockstar Games)
GTA 6 can potentially redefine the world map (Image via DubStepZz, using assets from Rockstar Games)

Should GTA 6 take inspiration from the GTA Vice City map, there are plenty of improvements that can be made.

Of course, the GTA 6 map has yet to be confirmed. However, most players assume it will take inspiration from Vice City. Out of all the main games from the 3D Universe, it has yet to make a return. It is long overdue an HD overhaul. Players would love to see a new and upgraded GTA Vice City map.

Again, this is under the assumption that GTA 6 will use Vice City as a major location. There is no guarantee whatsoever. All players can do is speculate in the meantime. Nonetheless, the GTA Vice City map is a memorable one.

Five ways GTA 6 can build on the GTA Vice City map

5) Introduce the Gator Keys

According to removed dialog from Avery Carrington, the GTA Vice City map was going to have the Gator Keys. It would've been placed south of the map. Presumably, it would've been a swampy area.

GTA 6 should definitely reintroduce this concept. The Gator Keys would allow for a more natural landscape. Apart from that, exploring a dark swamp with the threat of dangerous crocodiles would make for thrilling gameplay. There is so much potential here.

4) Significantly increase the map size

Speaking of which, GTA 6 should also include a bigger map. For comparison, the GTA Vice City map is much smaller than Los Santos in GTA 5.

There needs to be more islands for players to explore. The GTA Vice City map only had two major islands, with a few smaller ones in between. GTA 6 needs to strike the right balance with populated cities and tropical wetlands.

3) Feature more prominent areas in Florida

The GTA Vice City map takes inspiration from Miami, Florida. There are multiple points of interest that Rockstar Games can use as reference.

For example, Miami has several race tracks, amusement parks, and stadiums. These include Homestead Miami Speedway, Hard Rock Stadium, and Jungle Island. GTA 6 can easily incorporate this into the map.

Alternatively, smaller islands in the south can reference South America. This would provide more variety in locations to explore.

2) Use more interactive wildlife

The old GTA Vice City map had plenty of deep sea creatures. However, they are simply background decorations. Despite warnings about shark attacks, players can barely interact with them.

Ever since GTA 5, animals have played a bigger role in the open world. GTA 6 can introduce the likes of sharks, alligators, and crocodiles to Vice City. Flamingos would be another interesting animal.

1) Bring Vice City to life with updated graphics

The Vice City map would look much better than previous iterations.

GTA 6 will undoubtedly be available on next-gen consoles. Apart from significant graphical improvements, both the PS5 and Xbox Series X offer 4K resolution. This also makes a huge difference in the graphics department.

Ray tracing will also change the way players look at the map. These rendering techniques will bring out the best in Vice City.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul
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