5 weapons every player should own in GTA Online in 2021

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki

GTA Online is packed to the gills with a number of top-end weapons, each more lethal in nature than the other.

Shooting noxious goons and tearing despicable cops into pieces is what Grand Theft Auto was made for, and the incredible assortment of weapons featured in the game allows players to cause as much destruction as they like in a session.

This article talks about 5 weapons that every player should own in GTA Online in 2021.

5 most lethal weapons in GTA Online

#5 The AP Pistol


The AP Pistol is arguably the most compact weapon in GTA Online. It boasts light recoil and a decent 18-round magazine that can be upgraded upon customization. Furthermore, players can have a suppressor installed into the weapon to make stealth kills a walk in the park.

#4 The Carbine Rifle


Manufactured by Vom Feuer, the Carbine Rifle is one of the most powerful Assault Rifles in GTA Online. It is inspired by the AR-15, Remington R5 RGP and HK416, which explains its unparalleled performance.

The weapon comes equipped with a standard magazine of 30 rounds, which can be replaced with a magazine of 60 rounds. As if that wasn't enough, the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update allowed players to upgrade the Carbine Rifle to a 100-round magazine.

All in all, the Carbine Rifle is one of the best weapons in GTA Online.

#3 The Up-n-Atomizer


The Up-n-Atomizer is one of the most unique weapons in GTA Online. The futuristic handheld blaster boasts an iconic blue armor and a stunning yellow coil. When activated, the Up-n-Atomizer shoots a glowing beam of light that explodes upon impact with the target. Given its magnificent design and compact nature, the Up-n-Atomizer is undoubtedly one of the most value-for-money weapons in GTA Online.

#2 Heavy Sniper


The Heavy Sniper always makes a great case for itself and is unarguably one of the most devastating weapons in GTA Online. Having a Heavy Sniper in Freemode is an absolute given how chock-full the game is with resentful tryhards and desperate griefers.

#1 Combat MG MKII


The Combat MG MK II is one of those machine guns that needs no introduction in GTA Online. Equipped with the most powerful features and boasting a great ammo count, the Combat MG MK II is one of the most lethal weapons in GTA Online and is an absolute must-have in 2021.

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