Anxious fans are counting days since GTA 6 was announced

Players know it's coming but with no idea when (Image via Blogspot)
Players know it's coming but with no idea when (Image via Blogspot)

Since Rockstar confirmed they were working on GTA 6 via Twitter, fans have been hyped about the game. It is excellent to learn that the game is in production. However, it is frustrating because no official timeline has been set.

Fans of the GTA franchise will continue to wait, no matter how long it takes. However, this does not mean that they will be waiting quietly. This Twitter counter for the release of the game is proof of that.

This article will discuss GTA 6 fans online who anxiously await more news on the title.

Counting the days till GTA 6 won't make it come faster

Day 30 of waiting for GTA 6

GTA fans worldwide have been waiting for anything more from Rockstar after announcing that GTA 6 was underway on February 4. Every day, the @GTAVIGame Twitter page posts that it has been another day in the continuing long wait for the game.

Today marks day 30 since gamers heard the exciting news, and nothing will stop them from dreaming or hoping that by counting the days, they will pressure Rockstar into taking notice.

Millions of people will be waiting for the next GTA game, and the first thing they will do every day is to check this Twitter thread. Everyone knows that there is no chance of a release date this year, or possibly even in 2023.

Fans on Twitter will find it harder to wait for the game if they are religiously checking how many days it has been since the last announcement. Realistically, some feel this day counter will easily pass 700 days as gamers wait around another two years for the game's release.


The video above is highly informative and interesting. It explains in detail all that people know about GTA 6 regarding its production and all of the delays and roadblocks it has faced thus far. Commenters have been very active on the Twitter thread counting the days.

@GTAVIGame Historically R* don't make such announcements unless a release is close. They spent a good 8 years on RDR2, it's been around 8.5 years since GTA5 with Covid disruption so GTA6 could be out be Sept 2023 at least. Possibly fools hope for this year but we never know with them.
@GTAVIGame Not sure why kids are excited. It won't be out for at least another 2 years, maybe longer. Rockstar revealed no details. No screenshots. They only announced it yesterday, because of the negativity they have gotten. Think about it.. E&E announced yesterday, why announce GTA 6? 馃
@GTAVIGame just schedule 200 tweets then forget lol
@GTAVIGame Day 1 octillion of waiting for GTA 6
@GTAVIGame You鈥檙e gonna be doing this everyday for years bruh

The overriding feeling when reading the comments is that nobody will get too excited from this thread. Some commenters even jokingly noted that this thread could go into the thousands of days waiting for the game to reach players on the next, next-gen consoles.

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