How to beat the ‘Nightlife Leak’ mission in The Contract DLC in GTA Online

GTA Online VIP Contract work (Image via Sportskeeda)
GTA Online VIP Contract work (Image via Sportskeeda)
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The Nightlife Leak mission is the VIP work that GTA Online players do for Dr. Dre after their first meeting with him at the golf course.

At the agency, Imani has discovered three main copies of Dre's music. It is up to players to stop the music being shared at parties and locations around Los Santos. The first location the players need to find is a nightclub.

This article will discuss how to beat the 'Nighlife Leak' mission in The Contract DLC in GTA Online.

GTA Online players hunt down Dr. Dre's copied music in the 'Nightlife Leak'


To complete this mission, GTA Online players must investigate sources for information about where to find Dr. Dre's music.

Nighclub: Security Tape


First, the GTA Online players must go to a Triad Nightclub in Cypress Flats to retrieve a security tape. It is easy to enter the garage of the nightclub with stealth. Once inside the club, however, there is some heavy resistance from the gang.

GTA Online players may recognize the nightclub layout from their own properties. This makes it easy to find the the security tape they are looking for in the main office on the desk. Players will not find it difficult to escape the club and return the tape to the agency.

Marina: Copies of Dre's music on a yacht

The next investigation is to locate the evidence that Dre's music is being copied. First the players go to the Puerta Del Sol Marina and collect a green speedboat. Once in the boat they will go in search of a super yacht.

Locate the evidence on the yacht (Image via Sportskeeda)
Locate the evidence on the yacht (Image via Sportskeeda)

Once on the super yacht, GTA Online players must fight some heavy-hitting security. After this, they must access the main cabin where they will find copies of Dr. Dre's music.

The main cabin can be accessed by unlocking the doors from the control room. While here, the players can also disable the yacht's air defense system. With air defense no longer an issue, the players can escape the yacht back to their agency by stealing a helicopter.

Finale: Taking back Dr. Dre's music

Smash and grab (Image via Sportskeeda)
Smash and grab (Image via Sportskeeda)

The last location GTA Online players must go to is the Diamond Casino & Resort. There is a party going on in the penthouse where a promoter is playing Dre's music. After unsuccessfully stealing the laptop in the cut scene, the promoter strikes the player with a bottle and escapes.

Players should be very careful chasing the promoter as the penthouse security is tough. They hit hard and GTA Online players should be ducking for cover and even using grenades to quickly dispatch them.

Players will battle their way to the Music Locker nightclub where they must kill some more guards before finally saving Dr. Dre's music. Once the music is safe, players can decide what to do with the promoter before returning Dre's music to the agency.

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