Fans are divided over the draw distance in GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition

Unlike the original game, GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition players can see the entire map from anywhere (Image via Rockstar Games)
Unlike the original game, GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition players can see the entire map from anywhere (Image via Rockstar Games)

Despite its clear improvement, the draw distance has proven controversial in GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition.

The original game has the second largest map in the entire series. Its size and scope had yet to be seen at the time of its release. The background fog left it shrouded in mystery. There were entirely different worlds to explore beyond Los Santos. Each region had its own special vibe that made it stand out.

Fans were excited at the announcement of the GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition. However, a few of its features left some fans divided. The remaster had removed the short draw distance of the original. Now the map feels very different than it did in the past.

GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition: Players remain divided over the new draw distance


The above video is a perfect comparison guide between the old and new games. Players will notice these changes right away in the GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition. The draw distance has been increased so players can see the entire map. Some are divided over whether or not this is a good feature.

The map looks much smaller now

Ok so the draw distance In GTA trilogy is Cool and all but I think rockstar over used it in San Andreas. I think they need to nerf it a little the map feels so small.

If the player stands on top of the tallest building in Los Santos, they can see the entire map. Some fans think it takes away from the entire experience. Most of it is due to the removal of foggy weather.

@garagehirst My really biggest complaint is the draw distance. Especially in gta SA. The map is extremely small, and by removing the fog you break the illusion.

The above tweet showcases the full map size of the game. It does appear to be much smaller in GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition. That is because the players can see everything now. One Twitter user suggested that players should be able to adjust the draw distance.

@SynthPotato this draw distance is my biggest negative point tbh please let us adjust the draw distance, i loved the old feeling of gta sa that made the map small and overall better. I know that they didn鈥榯 had a big draw distance because of limitations back then, but please change

As it currently stands, the lack of fog gives away the magic trick. The map size isn't as big as players originally thought it was.

Here is why the original game felt so big


The above video showcases the draw distance of the original game. It was obviously an attempt to hide the rendering issues of the hardware.

However, it also serves a particularly useful purpose. The player is left wondering what lies beyond the foggy atmosphere. Rockstar encourages them to go out and explore their surroundings.

Back then, the countryside felt like a vast landscape. The fog made it seem bigger than it really was. This illusion is now broken due to a bigger draw distance. Players can see just how close Mount Chiliad is to the San Fierro airport.

Some fans don't mind too much

I will say this about the #GTATrilogy This is flying in GTA San Andreas Definitive EditionThe draw distance is amazing and it's actually kind of jarring to see the whole map all at once like this.The environments in the remaster seem pretty legit IMHO

Of course, not everybody minds the draw distance. For some players, it enhances the gameplay experience. GTA YouTuber TKs-Mantis appreciates the beautiful vantage point of this entire map.

Other players think the upgraded graphics make it stand out more:

@DarkViperAU After playing gta SA for an hour. Its clear to see its not a lazy remaster. The graphics are amazing, the controls will take a little getting use to, I keep pressing X to drive like in the original 馃槀. Draw distance is impeccable. So far I'd give it 8/10. Hope you enjoy it Matto

The environment has been greatly improved in the GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition. For some players, the draw distance brings more attention to it. The remasters definitely put the map size into perspective.

Regardless, the draw distance remains a point of contention between the players. It all depends on whether or not they can still immerse themselves in the open world landscape.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

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