Full list of all gangs in GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition 

Gangs in GTA San Andreas (Image via Steamcommunity @Sentryandreas)
Gangs in GTA San Andreas (Image via Steamcommunity @Sentryandreas)
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GTA San Andreas is a game full of crime, violence, corruption, and gangs. The state of San Andreas is notorious for its gang violence. There are many gangs in San Andreas, and the gang war mechanic makes the game most intriguing. Unlike previous games, GTA San Andreas' storyline revolves around gang warfare, mainly members of the Grove Street Families versus the Ballas.

The gangs in the game make things more interesting as players need to understand gang turfs while roaming the streets of San Andreas. Getting caught in the wrong turf ends with members ganging up on the protagonist to shoot to kill. There are quite a few significant dominant gangs in the game with a few smaller local ones, but messing with any of them ends with a barrage of gunshots. Each city in the state of San Andreas has its gangs that run their crime gig.

A list of all the gangs in GTA San Andreas

1) Los Santos

There are four gangs of Los Santos in GTA San Andreas, which are:

Grove Street Families


Grove Street Families is an Afro-American street gang and used to be the most powerful gang in Los Santos. This is the gang of the protagonist Carl Johnson, and they are the long-time rivals of the Ballas. The Grove Street Families control the areas of Ganton, Playa del Seville, Temple, and Santa Maria Beach in GTA San Andreas.



The Ballas is an Afro-American street gang in GTA San Andreas. They are the sworn enemy of Grove Street Families as well as every other gang in San Andreas. They represent their gang with the color purple. There are four sets of this gang.

· Front Yard Ballas

· Temple Drive Ballas

· Rollin’ Heights Ballas

· Kilo Trays Ballas

The Front Yard Ballas are drug dealers and controls Idlewood and East Los Santos. The Temple Drive Ballas are in charge of Verona Beach. The Rollin’ Heights Ballas are in charge of the area of Jefferson and a few parts of East Los Santos and Willowfield, and the Kilo Trays Ballas rule some parts of Willowfield and Glen Park.

Los Santos Vagos


The Vagos is a powerful Mexican street gang in GTA San Andreas. They can be distinguished from the others because of their yellow bandanas. They control the far northern and eastern parts of Los Santos Las Colinas, East Beach, and Los Flores. This gang rivals all the other gangs of Los Santos, and they especially hate the Varrios Los Aztecas. They are involved in the narcotics business and are armed with 9mm pistols and Micro SMGs.

Varrios Los Aztecas


The Varios Los Aztecas is another Mexican gang in Los Santos. They are the biggest rivals of Los Santos Vagos. This Mexican street gang wears turquoise bandanas to represent their gang. They believe narcotics are the reason for the downfall of Mexican gangs, and mainly deal in firearms.

2) San Fierro

There are the three main gangs of San Fierro in GTA San Andreas:

San Fierro Rifa


The San Fierro Rifa is a Hispanic gang involved in the international drug trade in GTA San Andreas. They control the areas of Garcia, Doherty, King's, and Battery Point. They represent their gang using turquoise bandanas, much like the Varrios Los Aztecas but are sworn gang enemies.

San Fierro Triads


The San Fierro Triads is the Chinese gang that controls the Four Dragons Casino in Las Venturas. Their central hub of carrying out all the criminal activities is Chinatown. There are two sets of this gang:

· Mountain Clad Boys

· Red Gecko Tong

Their main rivals are the Da Nang Boys, and they wear whole black suits in GTA San Andreas.

Da Nang Boys


The Da Nang Boys are a Vietnamese gang from San Fierro in San Andreas. They control the dockland area in Easter Basin and parts of Esplanade North. They are known for smuggling, human trafficking, gang warfare, arms dealing, and gun running in GTA San Andreas.

3) Las Venturas

The Mafia is the only noticeable gang in Las Venturas, in GTA San Andreas.

The Mafia

The Mafia in GTA San Andreas (Image via Screenshot from the game)
The Mafia in GTA San Andreas (Image via Screenshot from the game)

Three Liberty City-based Italian mob families operate in Las Venturas as the Mafia. The three leading families that serve the Mafia in GTA San Andreas are:

· Sindacco Family

· Leone Family

· Forelli Family

They all have a stake at the Caligula's Casino in GTA San Andreas.

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