GTA 5 streamer DarkViperAU lets viewers control Chaos Mod to hilarious results

GTA 5 Image via DarkViperAU, Youtube
GTA 5 Image via DarkViperAU, Youtube

GTA 5 had a great run in the gaming industry, perhaps unlike any other in recent history. This game has been able to survive and stay relevant for upwards of 7 years. The number of players enjoying this game has also been growing larger every day.

Seven-years-later, the streaming and content creation of GTA 5 seems to bourgeoning. From classic speedruns to hilarious streams, one can spend hours on Twitch and YouTube watching GTA 5 gameplay videos without getting bored.

One of the popular names to emerge out of the streaming community is speedrunner DarkViperAU. Apart from his brilliant speedruns, he has also steadily built a massive audience on YouTube with creative GTA 5 content.

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GTA 5 streamer DarkViperAU lets viewers control Chaos Mod to hilarious results


One of the newer genres in video game streaming is the streamer's practice to give up control of the game, in some capacity, to the audience and let chaos rule. The chaos mod is perfect for such streaming content as many things can go hilariously and horribly wrong.

DarkViperAU has done this GTA stream several times in the past. But it seems to get more chaotic each time. This works because the viewers vote on different options in the mod. The selection with the highest vote is applied in the game.

The result is a beautifully chaotic GTA 5 stream that barely hangs on by a thread at any given moment. It is always hilarious. What makes DarkViperAU's content especially funny is his dry humor, Australian accent, and nonchalant reactions to ridiculous happenings in the game.

One of his other most popular type of content is the various informative videos in which rare content, game glitches, and easter eggs are uncovered.

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