GTA 5: What purpose does Franklin serve in the story?

Franklin living the good life in his mansion (Image via Rockstar Games)
Franklin living the good life in his mansion (Image via Rockstar Games)
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Franklin might seem like a minor character in the middle of GTA 5, but he is still very important in the narrative.

For most of the story, Franklin puts his own goals beside him as he helps out his friends. Michael is clearly the main character of GTA 5, while Trevor is arguably the deuteragonist. Their conflict is what drives the game, which is why Franklin stands out like a sore thumb.

With that said, Franklin does serve multiple roles from a gameplay and story perspective. GTA 5 wouldn't feel complete without his presence. Here's a look at why this is the case.

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Franklin has three main roles to play in GTA 5

He is the classic rags-to-riches story


In many ways, GTA 5 is a direct counterpart to GTA San Andreas. Both of these games take place in Los Santos. They also feature gangsters trying to make it out of the hood. Franklin Clinton is very similar to Carl Johnson since they both want to make a name for themselves.

These protagonists start off in a dirt-poor neighborhood, but they eventually rise in the criminal ranks. By the end of their respective games, they can both live in a luxurious mansion with a lot of money. It's a very satisfying experience for the player when they start off at zero and end on a hundred.

Franklin is the only GTA 5 protagonist that can realistically go this route. Michael has already made it by this point and simply wants to retire. In the meantime, Trevor doesn't really care about his poor living conditions. He just wants more power, even if he still lives in that wrecked trailer.

Franklin is a student while Michael is the teacher


GTA 5 is the first time in the series to have multiple protagonists. Their relationship creates a very interesting dynamic in the story.

Despite their generational differences, Franklin learns a lot from Michael. The young rookie hasn't been in the game for very long. For that reason, Michael takes Franklin under his wing. If that weren't the case, the latter would still be stuck in a dead-end job with Lamar.

In many ways, Michael is also like the father that Franklin never had, while the latter is the son that Michael always wanted.

Ultimately, he decides who lives and dies in the canon ending


At the end of GTA 5, Franklin is given a difficult choice. Steve Haines wants him to get rid of Trevor, while Devin Weston wants Michael to be taken out. If either route is chosen, then it will result in one less playable character.

Of course, the canon ending has Franklin making a much easier decision. He decided to work alongside Michael and Trevor to eliminate their enemies. Regardless, the final ending is ultimately the player's decision.

It's very likely that Rockstar had realized that Franklin wasn't doing much by this point in the story. It's only fitting that he decides everybody's fate, since he is the first playable character in this game. Franklin also decides his own fate, since he could either become a somebody or a nobody.

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