Why did Michael headbutt Franklin in GTA 5's Ending B?

No matter what, Michael is doomed in Ending B (Image via Rockstar Games)
No matter what, Michael is doomed in Ending B (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA 5 players may wonder why Michael headbutted Franklin in Ending B, The Time's Come.

There are three endings to GTA 5. Franklin was given an ultimatum. He can either finish off Trevor or Michael. Alternatively, he can team up with them to take out their enemies. Ending B is arguably the most tragic, given everything that Michael has been through.

At a certain point in the mission, Michael and Franklin will reach a power plant. They confront each other on a chimney walkway. After a brief scuffle, Michael will hang over the ledge. Even if the player tries to save him, they will get headbutted in return. Michael is wasted either way.

Why did Michael headbutt Franklin in GTA 5?

There are two main possibilities why Michael did what he did. Players can only speculate on his reasons. Rockstar Games left it up to one's interpretation. Here are some rational explanations.

Possibility #1: Michael had enough

This is the most commonly accepted theory in the GTA 5 community. Michael knew even if he survived Franklin, he was still in hot water. Devon Weston had already attacked his family. As long as Michael was alive, his family was in danger. Weston would always go after him with his private security company.

Franklin's betrayal also plays a factor. Michael taught his student everything he needed to know. Despite everything they've been through, it wasn't enough. In the end, Franklin was only out for himself. This betrayal was a dagger through Michael's heart. Ending B is a mixture of anger and grief for him.

Perhaps Michael had given up on everything as he had nothing left to live for. Every time something good happens, the complete opposite occurs. It was too much for him. This was simply the end result.

Possibility #2: Michael wasn't thinking properly

Michael has always been a hot head. This is best seen when he goes after the tennis coach, who had an affair with his wife. Michael chases him to a cliffside mansion. Rather than ask questions, Michael brings it down to the ground. This gets him in deep trouble later on in GTA 5.

The point being made is that Michael is prone to rash decisions. He rarely thinks about the consequences of his actions. Perhaps he headbutted Franklin out of a state of anger as it was a stressful situation. Michael was not in a clear state of mind. This would have a negative impact on his decisions.

It's tragic either way

Most GTA 5 players refuse to consider this ending. Michael was just getting his life back together but now it's taken away from him. What makes it worse is that Franklin was like a son to him. It's a major betrayal by GTA 5 standards.

Some players think it doesn't make any sense for Franklin's character. They could easily take on the FIB and Merryweather. Ending C outright confirms this is the case.

Thankfully, GTA Online has proven that Ending C is indeed the canon one. GTA 5 players can rest easy knowing Michael is still alive.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul
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