GTA 6 ads on YouTube are fake, but they seem to be everywhere

This is not an official cover, but it's used in plenty of advertisements (Image via Newsney)
This is not an official cover, but it's used in plenty of advertisements (Image via Newsney)

It should go without saying, but the commonplace GTA 6 ads on YouTube aren't authentic. Why somebody would spend money to put fake ads for a game with no known content is anybody's guess.

However, it's vital to reiterate that they're fanmade and should not be taken at face value for what to expect in the upcoming game.

Here are some common traits of these questionable videos:

  • They state an unconfirmed release date
  • There is a dubious link that the ad wants players to go to
  • Random footage from various games and movies is shown
  • There is a fake GTA 6 logo, accompanied by "official" or a Rockstar logo somewhere in them

It's advisable to ignore these fake advertisements (especially if they have a download link).

GTA 6 ads on YouTube are fake

Several Redditors and YouTubers have noticed that there have been a few questionable advertisements for GTA 6 as of late. Whether the same person is making it or not is unknown, but this trend is capitalizing on the recent popularity of this highly anticipated title.

Anybody who is using a competent ad-blocker won't see these fake advertisements. Hence, there might be some players who didn't even know that these blatantly false videos are on YouTube.

It would be weird to think that a sizable amount of money was spent on them if one considered how many different variations there are out there.

Examples of these fake ads


Although this ad is in Indonesian rather than English, the general gist is the same. The footage is spliced from multiple sources, and it features activities that would be believable to see in a Grand Theft Auto game. The "now in development" section makes sense based on Rockstar's official Tweet.

Yet, the download button at the end of the video is questionable.


The above video is another example of a fake GTA 6 ad. It uses a different logo, different gameplay footage and music. However, there is still a "Click here to download" section at the end. Gamers shouldn't click on that or fall for any related scam.


Unsurprisingly, some notable Grand Theft Auto YouTubers have noticed these ridiculous advertisements. A few reaction videos (like the one above) cover this topic in deeper detail. Given their reach on the platform, it's pretty helpful that they're spreading this information so somebody won't fall for it.


It might seem obvious to some gamers that these advertisements aren't legit, but people have fallen for more blatant lies in the past. Just remember, these ads don't contain legit information and aren't leaks of forthcoming content for GTA 6.

It only takes a few unaware players to get scammed by these GTA 6 ads to make it worthwhile for their creators. If this trend is profitable, there is a chance that other people will create and publish their fake ads on YouTube. Of course, one is always recommended to use an ad-blocker to avoid seeing them altogether.

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