GTA 6 can learn a lot from GTA 4 and Red Dead Redemption 2

GTA 6 can learn a lot from Rockstar's past offerings (Image via Sportskeeda)
GTA 6 can learn a lot from Rockstar's past offerings (Image via Sportskeeda)

GTA 6 was officially confirmed by Rockstar Games at the beginning of February. Gamers breathed a sigh of relief once they got the news, as some had lost hope.

Social media is buzzing with leaks and rumors related to the upcoming game. Gamers everywhere are pitching in with their opinions. Some say it will be in Vice City, and some reckon it will feature an 80s timeline.

But it wouldn't hurt Rockstar to look back at their past games and pick up a few great features. This article talks about things Grand Theft Auto 6 can learn from Niko and Arthur's stories.

Things GTA 6 can learn from GTA 4 and RDR 2

5) Diverse Map (RDR 2)


Grand Theft Auto 5 features a huge map, but RDR 2 features a map that is two times larger than Los Santos and Blaine County. Even if the maps were similarly sized, the RDR 2 map would feel larger. The game does not feature cars, bikes, or planes. Gamers can only travel on foot or horseback.

However, the main reason is the diversity in the RDR 2 map. The map features plains, snow-capped mountains, swamps, bustling towns, abandoned areas, etc. All this variety makes the place feel more massive than it already is.

On the other hand, Los Santos and Blaine County feature a city and a desert. The distance in between is just empty. The best way to go about GTA 6 would be a smaller but more diverse and dense map.

4) Physics Engine (GTA 4)


The physics engine in GTA 4 was much more appreciated by gamers than the one in GTA 5. Gamers still go back to Niko Bellick because of the realism (physics) the game provides. This allows players to have a much more immersive experience.

Every little movement in GTA 4 had very realistic reactions. Collisions felt more natural, falling down the stairs let gamers feel Niko's pain, etc. GTA 5 features more arcade-like mechanics. This includes things like driving and flying.

3) Side Activities (GTA 4)


Grand Theft Auto 5 is the latest offering in the series. But it left a massive chunk of side activities gamers enjoyed in previous games. Speaking only of GTA 4, gamers could go bowling, play darts, even attend comedy shows, etc. The mini-games were also a lot of fun and provided players with some to do other than missions.

GTA 5 also suffers from a lack of mission variety. This is felt more due to the lack of unique and fun side activities. GTA 5 offers a couple of sports to play, and that's about it. Grand Theft Auto 6 has spent so much time on the back burner that listening to the community might not be a bad idea.

2) NPC Interaction (RDR 2)


Rockstar has always used a satirical approach for the Grand Theft Auto Series. It is mostly satire on US pop-culture references, companies, and locations. But after a while, this becomes a little repetitive and irritating. RDR 2 was miles better in the way NPCs were programmed.

Only gamers who have played the game can appreciate the hard work and time put behind each NPC. RDR 2 marked down daily routines for each NPC, and even the paths they took were traced. The NPCs just didn't roam around for nothing. They were a very integral part of the game and made it feel more real.

Interactions with NPCs were also very unique and entertaining in RDR 2. The variety of lines used was diverse, and it never felt repetitive. NPCs also had memory which allowed them to react to gamers differently, according to circumstances.

1) Wanted System (RDR 2)


LSPD (Los Santos Police Department) has become a joke at this point. Red Dead is also a Rockstar product but is miles apart. The wanted system featured in RDR 2 made a lot more sense. There was a real need to avoid the cops, and the circumstances were best avoided.

The police in RDR 2 weren't overly aggressive like the LSPD, who started talking after pulling out a weapon. Most players miss out on that part when they speak because they were killed by then. RDR 2 police always started with a verbal warning for minor crimes. They also pardon gamers if they apologize immediately. GTA gamers don't care if the LSPD is chasing or not.

Overall, there's a lot to learn from past projects. Rockstar can mark the top most beloved features by fans. Reddit, YouTube and Twitter have quite a few discussions every day. Fans often lay out their entire wishlists.

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