GTA 6 story: Lucia, Jason, Vice City, and more rumors explored

GTA 6 story
Exploring GTA 6 rumors related to its story, Jason, Lucia and more (Image via Hossein Diba)

Last year's Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 6 leaks revealed a fair bit of information about the highly anticipated game. It will allegedly feature two protagonists, named Jason and Lucia, and could be set in Vice City. The location debuted with 2002's Grand Theft Auto Vice City and hasn't been revisited in quite some time. That said, it is still one of the series' most iconic settings.

Insiders have also been the source of some interesting Grand Theft Auto 6 rumors that are yet to be confirmed. While we wait for GTA 6's first trailer, which is set to release next month, let's take a closer look at some rumors related to its story, setting, and reported lead characters: Jason and Lucia.

Exploring GTA 6 story, Jason, Lucia, Vice City, and other rumors


September 2022's GTA 6 leaks suggest that the game could have two lead characters, reportedly named Jason and Lucia. If true, this will mark the first time that a female protagonist has been featured in a Grand Theft Auto title.

There have been reports about Jason and Lucia being inspired by real-life criminals Bonny and Clyde. However, it is not known if GTA 6's story will also be inspired by theirs.

Not much is known about the GTA 6 story at the moment, but Brazilian leaker Matheus Victor suggests that the two protagonists might have personality issues.

Matheus Victor's tweet about the protagonists (Image via Twitter/Matheusbr9895_)
Matheus Victor's tweet about the protagonists (Image via Twitter/Matheusbr9895_)

According to the leaker, Jason and Lucia are part of a gang, with the latter supposedly being its youngest member. He claims that Lucia doesn't really want to be in the group but plays her part regardless.

Nevertheless, readers must take the information with a grain of salt since Rockstar Games has yet to confirm any of this. Details about the protagonists will likely be revealed in Grand Theft Auto 6's first trailer, which will be released in early December this year.

The trailer could also reveal the title's setting, which has been heavily rumored to be Vice City. The leaked development footage contained many hints about it, and there have recently been some alleged map leaks claiming that it could be much bigger than Grand Theft Auto 5's map.


However, even if Vice City returns, it could be very different from its previous iterations since all locations in the HD Universe are significantly different from their 3D Universe versions.

In addition to setting, the debug code seen in one of the leaked clips hinted at 157 accessible interiors in the next game. If true, this will be a big step in the right direction as the current game heavily lacks in this department.


That said, anything seen in the leaks can be changed before launch. While players wait for the title's first trailer, they can stay occupied by playing Grand Theft Auto Online and participating in new Community Challenges added with the latest GTA Online weekly update.

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