Alleged GTA 6 map locations hinted by leaks so far: Vice City returns and more

GTA 6 might be set in Vice City (Image via Sportskeeda)
GTA 6 might be set in Vice City (Image via Sportskeeda)

Despite Rockstar Games' silence, there is plenty of information about its next title, thanks to last year's GTA 6 leaks. It looks like the next Grand Theft Auto will take place in Vice City, an iconic location in the franchise. Besides hinting at the setting, the 90+ leaked videos also showcased a bunch of districts that might be on the upcoming game's map.

Some of the popular neighborhoods from Vice City's debut seem to be returning, whereas others are brand-new names. Although Rockstar confirmed the leaked development footage as authentic, a few of these areas might be omitted from the final version.

Nevertheless, it is still pretty intriguing to look at the alleged Grand Theft Auto 6 map locations hinted at by the leaks so far.

Malibu Club and other alleged Vice City locations in GTA 6 map suggested by the leaks so far

GTA Forums user, Garza, has compiled all information from September 2022's GTA 6 leaks in a lengthy document. Almost everything seen in last year's development footage leak has been listed in a 60-page PDF, like gameplay mechanics, audio details, vehicles, as well as locations.

Rockstar Games' upcoming title, allegedly set in Vice City, will seemingly feature numerous districts. Some of them have already appeared in 2002's Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, such as:

  • Malibu Club
  • Leaf Links
  • Washington Beach
  • Ocean Beach
  • Vice Beach
  • Ocean Drive
  • Ocean View
  • Little Haiti

While Little Havana looks to have missed out on a return, Garza's document states that a new location, named Rockridge, will reportedly be based on it. It will also consist of the Vice City Mambas Football Stadium and one of the four rivers on the map.

In addition to the iconic Malibu Club, there seems to be another nightclub in the sequel, called Jack of Hearts, situated in a neighborhood based on Edgewater, a real-life locality in Miami.

Apart from locations in and around Miami, the map will allegedly feature other sites from the state of Florida as well. For instance, Lake Leonida, which might be based on Lake Okeechobee, a location based on the real-life city of Homestead, and Grassrivers, likely inspired by the Everglades.

Another name prominently seen in the GTA 6 leaked footage was Port Gellhorn, and it seems that it will be one of the bigger areas on the map. The document mentions a slew of properties in this locale, such as a car wash facility, police station, wastewater plant, bingo hall, trailer park, bowling alley, and more.

Interestingly, underwater exploration could be a part of the upcoming game as well since underwater ruins, an underwater research facility, and a whale graveyard are also present, among other alleged locations in the list.


Additionally, Garza's document consists of the Starlet Motel, which was present in Grand Theft Auto 5. Several abandoned buildings, stores, and restaurants have also been listed; however, whether they will be accessible is unknown at the moment.

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