5 side activities that Rockstar should incorporate in GTA 6

The GTA series has always had great side activities [Image via GTA Base]
The GTA series has always had great side activities [Image via GTA Base]
Somawk Banerjee

GTA 5 is an open world game that lives up to the billing more than most other titles in the genre, as gamers have far more control over what the protagonists do. Throughout the series, gamers have been able to engage themselves in things other than the story, and it doesn't always have to be criminal activity.

Past titles have allowed players to play basketball, enjoy video games in the arcade, watch TV/movies, and more. There are also a bunch of challenges scattered across the map. This article talks about the most fan-requested and beloved side activities. Fans hope these activities will make a return in the upcoming sequel.

What side activities will GTA 6 allow?

5) Adventure Sports

GTA has always tried to provide a full environmental experience for gamers. With the fifth title, Rockstar Games brought the virtual and real world closer than ever before. That said, fans want even more choices in the adventure sports category. Los Santos did have some variations in base jumping with Dom.

4) Deep Sea Treasure Hunting

The underwater realm in GTA 5 really did not really have a whole lot of content. There were treasure hunts but all of them were on land. Detailed scuba gear with realistic mechanics would be great. This would be a huge improvement to the current offerings.

3) Triathlon

When the triathlon event was launched in GTA Online, players went crazy. There was finally something to do other than kill other players and grind for money. The upcoming game could also include a fitness system (like the one in San Andreas) which would make these events more meaningful.

2) Water Sports

This post from Redittor u/Hvonbargen_98 talks about a recent leak which stated that the new game will be set in Miami. That aside, the fifth edition does have plenty of real estate when it comes to the ocean, but there are not many ways to make use of it. The latest DLC did add a submarine, but it was quite limited on features otherwise.

1) Fireman/Police Man/Cab Driver

If any feature from previous entries in the series was missed in the current game, it was the ability to take on the role of a fireman/policeman/cab driver. This may not seem great on paper, but OG fans of the series know what's up. Driving fast and weaving through traffic while chasing down a runaway car, spraying down a huge fire or trying to drop the cab rider as soon as possible for max tips was amazing.

Whatever the story may be for an open-world game, what truly makes it an immersive experience are the side activities. Something as simple as the ability to get a car washed can add plenty to the experience of the game world, and fans of the series will be hoping Rockstar deliver on this front.

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