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GTA Online businesses to invest in or avoid for beginners

Image via Rockstar Games
Image via Rockstar Games
Danyal Arabi
Modified 15 Jan 2021

GTA Online's economy has come a long way since its release way back in 2013. Back in the day, a million GTA dollars would get players the Adder, which was once the fastest car in the game.

Now, the same amount of money won't even get players the latest submarine property to pull off the Cayo Perico heist.

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Best GTA Online Businesses for beginners

#1 - An Executive Office

The key to success in the early game is owning an executive office. Executive offices give players CEO status that makes them eligible for VIP work, buying a vehicle or special cargo warehouses, and more.

This is the gateway to bringing in big money, especially during a double money week on vehicle cargo or special cargo sales. There are no functional differences between the cheap and expensive CEO offices besides location. Players can choose as per their convenience.


#2 - Bunkers

Offered to the player by Agent 14, Bunkers are the next step in raking in the profits. Ranging from $1,165,000 - $4,070,000, bunkers are a significant investment for beginners, but the payout is worth it.

It is also important to note that sell missions pay higher for going to a place that is further to the bunker, so choose wisely. Bunkers pay out a maximum of $1,155,000 per sell mission but are difficult to complete alone. Bunkers also allow players to research special weapon upgrades and ammo types.

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#3 - Clubhouse+Cocaine Lockup

The best way to make passive income in the early game is to get a motorcycle club and run a business from it. The cocaine lockup pays the most out of all MC businesses at a maximum of GTA $420,000 per sell that accrues passively after acquiring supplies.

This is great for generating revenue while doing other missions or heists as it builds in the background.


GTA Online businesses to avoid for beginners

#1 - Counterfeit Cash

The least profitable biker business, "Counterfeit Cash," gives players minimal return on a significant investment. If players buy supplies instead, they end up making a loss on every shipment if the business is not upgraded fully. Safe to say, new GTA Online players should give this one a miss.

#2 - Hangars

Requiring significant investment and even larger amounts of time to acquire cargo, the smuggler's run hangars isn't worth the time. It is much easier to either sell bunker supplies or even source and sell vehicles from the vehicle warehouse. Hangars don't even provide passive income and are not recommended.

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Published 15 Jan 2021, 18:10 IST
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