GTA Online Collectibles: Full list of Collectibles in the game

(Image Courtesy: GTA modding, YouTube)
(Image Courtesy: GTA modding, YouTube)

One of the key features of video games since their inception is the presence of collectibles. Replayability has always been a priority for video game developers, and Rockstar Games offers plenty of reasons for players to keep playing the GTA games over and over again.

GTA incentivizes exploration by rewarding the player with Trophies/Achievements for finding collectibles. However, the rewards offer much more than a mere trophy or achievement in GTA: Online.

Rewards are presented to players for collecting a certain number of each collectible, with each individual collectible offering a small cash dividend once picked up. The single-player campaign of GTA V has several collectibles, which include Spaceship Parts and Letters Scraps.

Meanwhile, GTA: Online has side quests that involve exploring the city to find collectibles.

List of Collectibles in GTA: Online

#1 Playing Cards

Playing Cards Locations in GTA: Online
Playing Cards Locations in GTA: Online

There are a total of 54 playing cards available in GTA: Online and players will receive the following rewards upon finding all 54 of them:

  • Special High Roller Outfit
  • Chips for Diamond Casino and Resort as well as RP
  • New Deck of Playing Cards on a private table in the Master Penthouse
  • New Decoration for Master Penthouse
  • Cardenas Poncho for Red Dead Online

#2 Action Figures

All Locations on Map
All Locations on Map

While playing the game, players will receive a text from Hardcore Comic Store and will be offered a reward for recovering stolen action figures.

There are 100 action figures spread across the map of GTA: Online. Here are the rewards for collecting all 100 action figures:

  • GTA$ 1000 and 1000 RP.
  • Impotent Rage outfit
  • New Haircut
  • Additional GTA$ 500,000

#3 Peyote Plants

Peyote Plants Locations on Map
Peyote Plants Locations on Map

Peyote Plants were an extremely fun addition in the single-player campaign and allowed players to turn into various animals. There are a total of 76 of them in GTA: Online. While there are no specific rewards for collecting them, they are perhaps the most fun collectible in the game.

After each hallucination, the player will spawn at the nearest hospital and be awarded 5,000 RP.

#4 Signal Jammers

Location of all Signal Jammers
Location of all Signal Jammers

Signal Jammers were added as part of the Diamond Casino Heist update. There are a total of 50 Signal Jammers in GTA: Online. Rewards include:

  • Each jammer disabled- GTA$ 2000 and 1,000 RP.
  • GTA$ 50,000
  • Avi Schwartzman will become available as Support Crew in the Diamond Casino Heist

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