GTA Online Flight School: All you need to know

Top Gun in GTA Online (Image via GTAonlineNews/Twitter)
Top Gun in GTA Online (Image via GTAonlineNews/Twitter)

GTA Online fans have been aware of Flight Schools since CJ first learned to fly in 2004's GTA San Andreas. The latest title has taken flying challenges and skills to the next level 18 years later.

GTA Online players can take flying lessons in Los Santos by visiting the Los Santos International Airport (LSIA).

GTA Online Flight School is a superb way for gamers to earn their wings


GTA Online users must pass every test by completing all ten lessons at the Flight School at LSIA. If they do not successfully obtain the Gold Medal from a challenge, they can repeat it as many times as they like. Practice makes perfect, especially when trying to control a super fast military jet.

Some maneuvers are simple and involve rolling the plane or flying in different formations. Others involve target practice while flying and following specific flight paths.

The ten Flight School challenges that GTA Online players can participate in are:

  1. The Outside Loop
  2. Engine Failure
  3. Chase Parachute
  4. City Landing
  5. Moving Landing
  6. Formation Flight
  7. Shooting Range
  8. Ground Level
  9. Collect Flags
  10. Follow Leader

Except for chasing the parachute, every challenge involves learning a new flight skill. Users can use these new skills in GTA Online to evade capture or even dodge rocket attacks.

Completing the Flight School activities should give gamers more confidence in making different maneuvers. Not only that, but they can earn an astounding 13,950 RP and $232,500, which makes completing the flight school in GTA Online a very lucrative activity.

Where exactly is the Flight School in GTA Online

Located at the right-hand entrance to the runway at LSIA (Image via Spoertskeeda)
Located at the right-hand entrance to the runway at LSIA (Image via Spoertskeeda)

Players can find the Flight School at Los Santos International Airport, as shown above.

When arriving at the airport, they must go to the lower entrances and approach the right-hand entry towards the runway. The Flight School is outside the runway gates at the top of a flight of stairs.

Bonuses of the Flight School


Players who master Flight School should be confident of tackling the flying under bridges challenge. Or perhaps taking part in Flight School made them aware of this side-challenge in the first place.

In GTA Online, there are numerous side-missions to take part in. Flying under 50 bridges is one such challenge.

Also, in 2020, Rockstar Games released a weekly update called 'Pilot Week', where GTA Online players were rewarded for taking to the skies. This included RP and GTA$ bonuses for Flight School participation.

Many GTA Online fans hope to see the return of this event, as it will be much more exciting with all the new updates added to the game.

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