GTA Online insider explains why certain features might get reworked in GTA 6

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Take it with a grain of salt, but Twitter user @TezFunz2 recently talked about how the GTA 6 map could be "dialed back" from its original plans. For context, readers may remember how various GTA 6 leaks talked about multiple cities.

Take-Two Interactive filed a 2020 patent entitled "System And Method For Virtual Navigation In A Gaming Environment." The company likely had major plans for its interactive world map.

However, in light of recent changes to Rockstar Games, GTA 6 might have to be scaled back a bit. This article will assess recent statements from Tez2 over at the GTAForums. He is best known for datamining GTA Online updates.

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GTA 6 underwent a reboot not that long ago, which means plans could change

Here's what Tez2 had to say

Over at the GTAForums, somebody asked Tez2 for clarification regarding the world map. Here's what he speculated about the development plans:

"The game was planned to feature Vice City and one major city or more from South America. But that has since been dialed back to reduce crunch as per Jason's Bloomberg report."

Jason Schreier is a respected Bloomberg journalist who recently discussed major changes in Rockstar's workplace. He wrote a popular article on how Rockstar wanted to make life easier for their employees. This happened shortly after Red Dead Redemption 2 was released.

Tez2 backs up Jason's report as the primary reason why developers had to reboot GTA 6. Developers had to reduce the crunch time for the sake of their mental health. Another reason involves new animation tech in regards to the 2020 patent. Here is what Tez2 had to say about that:

"Rockstar submitted a patent and one of its investors didn't join Rockstar Games until 2019. Since then, Rockstar recruited more Animation R&D team developers than usual."

Tez2 goes on to state that Rockstar used "machine learning" techniques. He said this would line up the demos featured in the GTA 6 leaks. Either way, Rockstar would have to learn to use the new technology. This could potentially lead to a reboot of the entire game's development.

Again, take it with a huge grain of salt


Keep in mind that Tez2 is likely speculating based on currently known information. He is not an official GTA 6 leaker the same way Tom Henderson is. With that said, the reduction in crunch is very real and has been reported on numerous websites.

What could this mean for the upcoming game?


It's clear that Rockstar is reworking the game, at least in regards to the animation department. With some new tech at their disposal, it might take Rockstar a while longer to figure everything out.

GTA 6 has to contend with crunch reduction and different animation suites, which means there will be major differences between their original plans and the current ones. With that said, even if Rockstar cannot include an extra city or two, it's the gameplay that ultimately matters.

Map size doesn't mean anything if there is no depth. Ideally, fans can only hope that Rockstar puts a lot of effort into what they already have. The company has made it clear that they want the best possible game for everybody.

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