GTA Online June Update 2024: Everything known about it so far

GTA Online June Update 2024
A brief about everything known about GTA Online June Update 2024 (Image via Rockstar Games)

It’s summertime and Rockstar Games is set to release the "big" GTA Online June Update 2024. In June 2023, we received the infamous San Andreas Mercenaries DLC, which added a lot of new missions and vehicles, even removing some in the process. While it’s uncertain if the upcoming major update will remove any content, the developers have confirmed a little information about it. That didn’t stop speculations and expectations surrounding the GTA Online June Update 2024.

This article shares a brief about the confirmed upcoming thing in the DLC, along with its expected release date and more.

GTA Online June Update 2024’s expected release date

Rockstar Games has a history of releasing big Summer DLCs in June, and it seems it will be the same this year. According to a May 23, 2024 report by the popular insider Tez2, the GTA Online June Update 2024 could be released on June 11, 2024.

Last year, a similar situation happened: the Plus membership period was extended in preparation for the summer update of 2023. The developers released the infamous San Andreas Mercenaries DLC on June 13, 2023. Keep in mind that the developers haven’t confirmed the release date of the upcoming GTA 5 DLC yet.

GTA Online June Update 2024: Everything confirmed so far


The GTA Online June Update 2024 is one of the most anticipated things among the Grand Theft Auto community since Rockstar confirmed it in their newswire post of April 2, 2024. They also confirmed an upcoming supercar with it. Without sharing any further details about it, here’s what they stated in it:

“Plus, look out for the opportunity to secure a new bonus supercar as part of your...+ Membership with this summer’s big GTA Online update.”

One month later, they announced the name of the upcoming supercar in their newswire post: Overflod Pipistrello. While no confirmed details about the automobile are available as of writing, it seems to be based on the real-life 2023 Estrema Fulminea. Furthermore, it will be free for all the Plus members of the month.

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What else to expect from June DLC 2024?

Last year, players received new missions under Project Overview, numerous vehicles, and various gameplay improvements. If Rockstar follows the same pattern this year, we can expect new sets of jobs or missions, new rides, and possibly some new random events in Los Santos.

Fans can expect more official information about the summer DLC 2024 very soon, possibly a trailer too.

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