GTA Online now offers 2x rewards for Mobile Operations Missions

Head over to the Mobile Operations Center in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)
Head over to the Mobile Operations Center in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)
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Mobile Operations Missions will offer more rewards for GTA Online players for the next two weeks.

To get started, players will need a Mobile Operations Center. This feature was included back in the 2017 Gunrunning update. It's a massive trailer that is not easy to control. However, it does provide offensive and defensive capabilities. This is where players can perform the Mobile Operations Missions.

There are a total of eight missions in this mode. Agent 14 will give players the details on what to do. GTA Online now offers special bonuses for players who complete these missions. They have until December 13 to double their rewards, so here's how they can get started.

Earn 2x the rewards in Mobile Operations Missions for GTA Online

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It's always nice to earn double the rewards. Mobile Operations Missions also provides more than just financial bonuses. Here's what players need to know about this mode. Remember, GTA Online players will have until December 13, which gives them just enough time.

A brief overview of these missions


There are a total of eight missions, most of which are relatively short. Here is the entire list for the Mobile Operations Missions in GTA Online:

  • Severe Weather Patterns (Main vehicle - Dune FAV)
  • Half-track Bully (Main vehicle - Half-track)
  • Exit Strategy (Main vehicle - Nightshark Anti-Aircraft Trailer)
  • Offshore Assets (Main vehicle - APC)
  • Cover Blown (Main vehicle - Hauler Custom Mobile Operations Center)
  • Mole Hunt (Main vehicle - Weaponized Tampa)
  • Data Breach (Main vehicle - Oppressor)
  • Work Dispute (Main vehicle - Oppressor)

GTA Online will gain access to these missions inside their Mobile Operations Center. There will be an LCD screen, which allows players to launch missions. Agent 14 will explain how each task works.

The vast majority of Mobile Operations Missions involve using weaponized vehicles to eliminate targets. Only a few of them require players to retrieve a vehicle. To have the best chance of success, players need to be efficient in shooting and driving.

How to get a Mobile Operations Center


GTA Online players first need to buy a Mobile Operations Center. Otherwise, they cannot gain access to the Mobile Operations Missions. The best course of action is to visit Warstock Cache and Carry.

The price ranges from $1,225,000 to 2,790,000, depending on the customizations. Players can choose between different vehicles to carry the trailer. They can also design their personal living quarters and workshops. Players can look over the main website for all the necessary details.

Benefits of the Mobile Operations Missions

Jump into GTA Online this weekend to play a massive update with underground Bunkers, Mobile Operations Centers, Weaponized Vehicles and more

If a GTA Online player completes a mission as a leader, they will be rewarded with discounts for specific vehicles. For instance, a player might complete Severe Weather Patterns. They will unlock price discounts for the DUNE FAV since it's the primary vehicle for that mission.

Over the next two weeks, GTA Online players will also receive double the money and reputation. It's a good incentive to try it out, but only if the player already owns a Mobile Operations Center. Players may find this vehicle to be very useful.

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