5 tips to win more one-on-one fights in GTA Online

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(Image via GamesRadar)
Rahul Bhushan

More often than not, and quite literally, players will find themselves looking down the business end of a barrel in GTA Online. There is no way to go about the game without getting into a firefight with an enemy trying to snipe you from miles away or shooting up the street from an Oppressor MKII.

In such cases, running for cover and getting inside one's armored/weaponized car should be the priority. However, if a player is locked into a one-on-one firefight with another GTA Online player, things start to get a little more frantic.

GTA Online's Freemode and many traditional deathmatches, Adversary Modes and the like pit players against players in a tight PvP environment. Therefore, leading to the skilled dominating the new players quite easily, simply by having played longer and picked up skills and muscle memory.

However, a few neat tips and tricks might help the player survive and possibly eviscerate their enemies in GTA Online with ease during one-on-one firefights.

5 tips and tricks to win more one on one fights in GTA Online

1) Roll


For every Dark Souls veteran, rolling is perhaps the most natural thing they have developed in their game time. In GTA Online also, rolling is quite possibly the most useful tool in the player's arsenal.

It allows the player to make themselves into a smaller target and avoid bullets that could have possibly been ones that could have killed them. By rolling away, players also lessen the chances of a headshot and give them an extra chance to get a shot on the player trying to hit them.

To roll, while aiming down, press the Jump Key (X for Xbox, Square for PS4, Spacebar for PC, default). While the animation isn't necessarily rapid, it will provide players with that one extra second of respite and make a major difference in the outcome of any fight in GTA Online.

2) Find the perfect targeting settings


In GTA Online, players are sorted into lobbies based on the targeting system that they book. The larger feeling amongst the game veterans and the community is that players are sorted largely into two-categories: Assisted Aim and Free Aim.

There is also Assisted Aim-Partial and Assisted Aim-Full within the two broader categories, and the same goes for Free Aim. However, it bears reminding that Partial and Full Aim will be sorted into one Freemode lobby. Therefore, it might be better if the player chooses to go Partial aim (Assisted or Free) as other players might have an advantage over them otherwise.

To change targeting settings in GTA Online, players will have to first load into the Story Mode. Go to Settings > Controls > Under "Targeting Mode," select the mode one prefers, and then switch back to Online.

The right targeting settings are perhaps the biggest factor in winning firefights or not in GTA Online.

3) Weapon Target: Complex


This might change from player to player as it is very subjective, but the small default reticle might not be the best way to aim and target players. While it certainly makes the UI look much neater, the small reticle might actually not come in handy all that much.

More often than not, the better option is to change the crosshair settings to display a much bigger reticle in the game. Competitive online multiplayer veterans might have already switched the crosshair settings, and perhaps beginners and other players should as well.

To change this setting, press the Pause button, head to Settings > Display > Change Weapon Target to Complex.

This will give the player a much larger reticle and possibly help them aim better in Freemode or Deathmatches.

4) Use Stealth and the crouch button


This is certainly way more helpful in Deathmatches than in Freemode fights, but players will benefit greatly from improving their Stealth stat. Using the crouch button, players will go into stealth mode and not be visible to other players on the map in GTA Online.

This becomes especially useful in deathmatches as the player can get the drop on their enemies. Combining this with a Suppressor might allow the player to sneakily destroy everyone in the game and not be blindsided by enemy players.

However, using a suppressor should be restricted to Deathmatches only in GTA Online as it can reduce the accuracy and power of the weapon by a little bit.

5) Use Blindfire


This might be helpful against NPCs in Heists and other PvE modes in GTA Online, as it allows players to use weapons from the safety of a cover. The game's blindfire system is actually quite accurate. Players can use it to clear entire rooms and come away unscathed.

To use blindfire, use the mouse or the analog sticks to target the enemies and then press the fire button to let loose a barrage of gunfire. This will allow the player to pop shots off from the cover's safety and not be in the line of fire themselves.

This can be used to either knock enemies down or even get headshots as the blindfire system in GTA Online is borderline OP. If the player is up against another player, matters might change drastically, but it is still bound to come in handy and get a few shots into damage the other player severely.

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