GTA Online money glitch allows players buy everything for free

An example of a vehicle you could possibly buy for free with this exploit
An example of a vehicle you could possibly buy for free with this exploit (Image via Rockstar Games)

There is a new version of a GTA Online money glitch that some players call "Buy Everything for Free." Several gamers call it BEFF for short. Regardless of the terminology you prefer, an important thing worth mentioning is that this exploit essentially allows you to purchase anything without losing cash. This guide will explain the background of BEFF and how players can replicate it.

This exploit is a variation of the Frozen Money glitch. The steps involved in taking advantage of BEFF are a little different compared to the latter. GTA Online players need access to a bird for Director Mode to carry out this new glitch; they can do so by eating a Peyote Plant in Grand Theft Auto V's story mode.

How to do the new GTA Online money glitch that lets you buy everything for free


Here are the requirements of this GTA Online money glitch:

  • A laptop or PC
  • A Wi-Fi adapter on that laptop or PC
  • An ethernet cable to connect your console to your computer
  • Access to a bird in Director Mode
  • Make sure to forget all previous network connections from your console

The following list is a step-by-step guide on how to do this new GTA Online money glitch, with the first steps focusing on internet connections:

  1. Connect the ethernet cable: Connect your ethernet cable between your console and computer. Your computer should be linked to the Internet via Wi-Fi and not through another method.
  2. Open Network Connections: This step is done on your computer.
  3. Bridge the connection: Make sure both your Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections are bridged. You can do so by right-clicking the relevant connection and selecting "Bridge Connections."
  4. Console connection: Ensure your Xbox or PlayStation console is connected via Ethernet.

Up next is a section focused on what you do in the game and your computer.

An example of a player about to get their bird run over for this money glitch (Image via NeverBleach)
An example of a player about to get their bird run over for this money glitch (Image via NeverBleach)

Here are the rest of the steps in this fairly long process, which involves you purchasing whatever vehicle you want:

  1. Visit the vehicle you want to buy: In GTA Online, go to one of the in-game vehicle websites and select a vehicle. For instance, click on the Oppressor Mk II in Warstock Cache & Carry — but don't buy it yet.
  2. Turn off the Wi-Fi: Go back to your computer and turn off the Wi-Fi.
  3. Buy the item you previously visited: Go back to the game and purchase whatever vehicle you previously clicked on.
  4. Quit to Story Mode: Once you Quit to Story Mode, disconnect your Ethernet cable. Plug the ethernet cable back in once you do that.
  5. Turn your Wi-Fi back on: This is done on your computer that you previously turned Wi-Fi off.
  6. Boot up Director Mode in GTA 5: Choose any bird from Director Mode.
  7. Quit to Story Mode: After quitting to Story Mode, make sure your bird is about to get hit by a vehicle before spamming the Accept button. If you fail, repeat this step. This will get you a black screen.
  8. On the black screen, do this: Open the Interaction Menu, press up on the D-pad once, then click either X or A, depending on which console you're using.
  9. Choose any character from Director Mode: Selecting the Beach Bum is the easiest since they're the first humans available.
  10. Quit to Story Mode: This step is self-explanatory.
  11. Boot up an Invite Only Session: This will take you back to GTA Online.
  12. Save the game: Moving any vehicle in a garage, then change your outfit to save.
  13. Close the game: Re-boot the game afterward.

The reason you change your outfit is to force a save. Remember that Rockstar Games could always patch this in a future update.

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