GTA Online player finds secret Diamond Heist crew member and has no idea what it is

GTA Online player has no clue what this police van is doing (Image via Reddit @Guillesahu07)
GTA Online player has no clue what this police van is doing (Image via Reddit @Guillesahu07)
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A post by Redditor u/Guillesahu07 shows him playing GTA Online. He is in the middle of a mission. This post clarifies that the gamer has no understanding of why this police vehicle might be highlighted.

The clip has garnered several comments from players explaining what it means to discover this curious van while playing the game. It seems to be an easter egg of sorts.

This article will discuss what the mysterious van in this clip is all about. The commenters answered the initial question of "what is it?"

Patrick McReary from GTA 4 makes fantastic cameo in GTA Online

This short video clip was uploaded by a player wanting to know what he had just discovered while playing GTA Online. As he was driving back to Vinewood during a mission, he found this highlighted police van driving through the back roads near Sandy Shores. Curious, he recorded a clip and uploaded it to the r/gtaonline subreddit.

Immediately a few commenters gave detailed explanations as to what this mystery vehicle was up to. Some commenters were surprised that the gamer did not know about this little in-game secret.

One commenter was amazed at this clip because they had never managed to find this mysterious van while playing the game. Indeed, the van carries a character from GTA 4, Patrick "Packie" McReary.

Patrick McReary from GTA 4 appears in GTA Online (Image via Reddit @uno2004)
Patrick McReary from GTA 4 appears in GTA Online (Image via Reddit @uno2004)

When setting up the Diamond Casino Heist, players must select a gunman, driver and hacker for their team. There are multiple people to choose from for each role, but there are also some hidden or locked characters. In the gunman section, there is one shadowy profile that takes a 0% cut from the heist, which is better for the players' bank accounts.

This hidden character is Patrick McReary, the Irish mobster and friend of Niko Bellic from GTA 4. In GTA Online, Packie can be found stealing this police van. It spawns randomly in different parts of the map at other times of day and can be very difficult to locate. Most gamers find this van by sheer luck.

By helping Packie successfully steal the van, he became the free gunman that players could choose from for their casino heist.

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